The Blood Bank is urging Guyanese to donate blood as the blood available at hospitals countrywide is being used up at a rapid pace. Minister of Health Dr. Leslie Ramsammy says the hospitals are in an uncomfortable situation as there is an accelerated number of activities in these institutions.

“This is not simply a request to prompt people to come out to give more. It is an urgent call I’m calling on people who are regular donors whose time is up, if you have donated blood before fifty six days from now I’m asking you to come out donate. Even if you didn’t plan to donate, I’m asking people to come out and donate”

The minister added that there are a number of open heart surgeries, kidney exchanges and pregnancies where blood is needed. Minister Ramsammy is appealing especially to the relatives of those in hospitals and persons whom have never given blood to donate as an early Christmas gift to those suffering.

“To my Guyanese sisters and brothers at a time when political parties are calling for your” “I am asking you for your blood and it might seem like I’m asking for too much but I’m asking not for me”

He noted that there are some 6-7 open heart surgeries a month and over 20000 Surgries being offered by the hospitals. In 2000 blood donation was only 25% of Guyana’s demand however in 2011 Guyana has seen an increase in that amount with 70-75% being met on the demand scale.