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Caribbean news. What many are branding as the ‘no subvention’ carnival appears to be, well, underway with streamlined calypso tents and bottom-line wary carnival bands preparing to ensure there is carnival in 2014.

The calypso tents have swung into action with all but the Ambassadors Calypso Tent and Upsurge NG, formerly NG Soca Stage, making their debut. Upsurge will launch a series of Free Friday Concerts at the Coco Cabana at Rodney Bay, in what is being seen as a new business model with direct tangible benefits to sponsors.

Line jam bounty flag Photo courtesy httpstluciafirstcom

Line-jam-bounty-flag. Photo courtesy http://stluciafirst.com/

In terms of the tents, the best so far in turns of turn-out and possibly entertainment value has been the joint-venture outing of the Take Over Tent and Soca Village.

Mas Action got the ball rolling yesterday, Sunday, with what is being seen as the real start of Lucian Carnival 2014. The community carnivals have been kicked off by Dennery and there are plans for Canaries to get into the act as well.

So far, there’s been little injection from Government into those events with the private sector answering the call by spreading its resources thin to make this year’s carnival a possibility. The official launch of carnival is slated for Sunday June 15th at the Mindoo Phillip Park. Article courtesy http://stluciafirst.com/

Line jam Yellow Girls Photo courtesy httpstluciafirstcom

Line jam Yellow Girls. Photo courtesy http://stluciafirst.com/



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