Staff writer Denise Mota

Two years after the earthquake that deepened Haiti’s difficult situation, World Bank delivered this month an analysis on the state of the nation nowadays. The international institution starts from the particular case of a day laborer with two kids to present an optimistic view about the restoration of the Caribbean country.

World Bank reminds the reader of the 210,000 tuition waivers and school meals for 75,000 children the institution helped to take to Haiti through supporting education programs. Also tells about projects which are helping people to move out the temporary camps and go back to their homes, be it through reconstruction grants, neighborhood upgrading or rental subsidies. And enumerates many other initiatives.

The place where unemployment achieved a desperate 70% rate is “seeing a steady trickle of progress in areas that matter most to its recovery: human development and safety nets in the shape of healthy and educated kids, and relief for families that have lost their homes and income. Programs addressing education, housing, disaster prevention, and job creation in the private sector, top Haiti’s reconstruction agenda”.

Immediate aftermath of haiti earthquake

Says World Bank: “Two years may seem like a long time to live in an emergency situation, as many Haitians have after the devastating earthquake. But experts point out that, in many respects, the country has moved towards recovery faster than many other nations in similar situations”.


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