From 14th -17th June, London will kick start the Menswear calendar with a showcase of British brands and businesses. London Collections: Men is a development of the Men’s day at London Fashion Week, which has grown in content and diversity over the years.

London born designer of Ghanian heritage Adrien Sauvage is one of the designers that we are please to see featured in the London Collections Menswear fashion weekend. Opting out of a career as a professional basketball player, this multitalented young creative decided on a career in fashion and never looked back.

Starting out his career as a stylist he found his niche when he realised that current trends in menswear didn’t always meet the needs of his clients. Coining the phrase DE (dress with ease) he began developing a collection for the modern man that embodied the diversity and needs of the unexpected suit wearer and everyone in between.

There are no boundaries to what you can achieve, ‘This is Not a Suit’ campaign by Adrien Sauvage was a huge success. His collection has been picked up by to London retailers such as Harrods and his campaign featured in fashion press from Vogue to GQ.

We love Adrien Sauvage and his abstract and creative outlook on fashion, innovative and simple. “The Art of DE” a short film, written, produced, directed and starting Mr Sauvage himself is the latest instalment of the  ‘This is Not a Suit’ campaign and sums up everything that he stands for. Expect the unexpected.