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Your Time Is Not God’s Time: The Pain Of Procrastination

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Carol Cato spiritual writer

Staff Writer - Carol Cato

The Life of Mike, Jane & Ken

Mike, a wannabe DJ and gangster, was coming to the end of another 6 month prison sentence for knife crime.  Mike lived at home with his mother, who still did his laundry, ironing and gave him money.

The day before his release, Mike decided to go along to the chapel, instead of spending the day locked up.  A visiting church ministry was giving a service; Mike hung out with the other inmates paying little attention, when the testimony of one of the church folk caught his ear.

The man had killed someone and spent 25 years in jail, mostly in solitary confinement.  Now, 10 years later, his life was completely changed.  Mike listened intently.  The man, named David, spoke of his turmoil; he was at rock bottom, contemplating suicide when he heard a message on the radio.

Another inmate was listening to a Christian station, the voice on the radio appealed to listeners to forgive themselves, that Jesus had already paid the price for our sins,  he asked listeners to say the ‘sinner’s prayer’.

David heard a voice that said “say the sinner’s prayer and give God a chance.”  David called on the name of Jesus.  Instantly peace came over him.  He asked God for forgiveness, then said the sinner’s prayer and never looked back.

On his release from prison, Mike walked calmly out the prison gates.  As he got closer to his mother’s house, he heard a bang, then he felt a sharp pain and saw blood gushing from his chest.  He died instantly.

Jane and Ken from Jane’s point of view: Jane was a Primary school teacher and Christian, who loved the lord with all her heart.  Jane volunteered for many church events and led a prayer group.  She had been introduced to her partner Ken, by her friend Carlos; she hoped Ken would soon ask her to marry him.

But, after 12 months of dating, Ken started avoiding her phone calls and their evenings together reduced to just once a week.  Ken ran his own business so was always busy, Jane helped by cooking his meals and doing household chores.

Finally Jane decided to ask Ken what the problem was, but he assured her everything was fine.  After a few more months Jane had enough and was going to end the relationship, but before she could Ken confessed he had problems at work but he was sorting through them.

Jane later found out Ken had been seeing someone else.  Although Jane felt angry, she didn’t confront Ken straight away; their relationship seemed to be going well again, and Ken had organised a holiday for them.  During the holiday Jane had an accident at sea and died.

Jane and Ken from Ken’s point of view: Ken was a businessman and a Christian.

Photo courtesy thisisyourconscience.com

He had been praying for a wife for many years.  His best mate Carlos introduced him to Jane, believing she would make a good wife for him.

Jane was not his usual type, but as they shook hands Ken heard the Holy Spirit tell him “this is your wife.”  Ken was taken aback he looked again at Jane, and said “please God, NO, not her. I like slim pretty girls.”But by the end of the evening Ken was impressed by how intelligent, smart, warm and very funny Jane was.  Ken decided to give it a try.

He had followed the Holy Spirit with most things in his life.  He recalled a sermon by ‘TD Jakes’ about receiving your blessings and not recognising it.  Ken met up with Jane the following weekend, he enjoyed her company and was surprised by how quickly he had fallen for her.

The relationship grew over the months until one day Jane said she would be fasting for 4 weeks.  The Holy Spirit had told her to be on her own and not see Ken during the fast.

Ken was annoyed about not seeing her for a month.  Although they talked on the phone, it wasn’t the same.  Soon, the phone calls stopped and Ken guessed Jane needed to spend time with God.  One day Ken visited a different church.  In front of him sat a beautiful woman, the type he would normally go for.

He discovered she was single and had been saved for many years.  Ken returned the following week and sat near to the woman.  At the end of the service he introduced himself.   Her name was Shelly, she seemed to like him too.  They swapped numbers and agreed to meet up.

As Ken drove home, the Holy Spirit pricked his conscience.   He thought about Jane, but made excuses to himself that it was her fault for leaving him and not being there when he needed her.

However, the relationship with Shelly didn’t last long because Ken couldn’t let go of Jane.  Ken realised he loved Jane and needed to tell her.   He told Shelly he couldn’t see her anymore, and asked Jane to go on holiday with him; intending to get their relationship back on track.

While on holiday, Jane died in a boating accident. Six months after, Ken died of a heart attack.  People said he died of a broken heart.

Next week: Judgement Day: Who has been forgiven?



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