Misha during her tearful sing-off last week (menmedia.co.uk)

It’s amazing how people can become addicted to programs they consider silly, glamourous and a downright total waste of time…or is it? Yes… I’m talking about the X Factor that annoying ITV show that steals my wife and kids away every Saturday and Sunday evening.

Before giving it a second thought I dismissed the show as another soap or useless flick for women’s entertainment until one Sunday I heard screaming about, Misha Bryan being from the Caribbean; Marcus Collins having Caribbean roots; Ashford Campbell with Caribbean heritage and  sit-in judge Alexandra Burke.

From what I’m told these guys were certainly given a run for their money, so to speak, as controversy after controversy unfolds each week. Though a clear favourite to win, if only in the Caribbean community, Misha B is said to be suffering for her strong personality and scrapes with fellow contestants back stage and for her alledged bullying as a youngster.

Alexander Burke at X Factor 2010

To make it even worse, the remarks made by judge Tulisa Contostavlos two weeks ago about her behaviour didn’t do her any favours and is likely to scupper her chances at winning X Factor 2011…

Well we have to leave it there, I’m afraid, while I wait for another week to sneak behind the sofa for the latest on these guys or evesdrop on my wife and her girlfriends X Factor conversations…So see you next week. By the way if you have some news on our Caribbean contestants let me know…I can’t ask my wife you see. DFR