super dads

As another Father’s Day approach it is time to shine the spotlight on great Caribbean Fathers.

Thanks to Unicef campaign  we have the opportunity to shine the spotlight on great fathers from across the Caribbean. They have devoted their lives to their kids and deserves to be highlighted in the public arena.

Marshall Mejia-Belize

marshall mejia

Stable, caring relationships are essential for healthy child development. Four-year-old Orin, whose family lives in the seaside town of Dangriga, on the south-eastern coast, spends his waking hours with his father, Marshall Mejia, and sleeps at his mother’s house.

Michael Mclennon-Jamaica

michael mclennon

“There’s nothing good that he withholds from Kendra, no time too precious to spend with her.” Says Michael Mclennon


James Choc-Belize

james choc

Two-year-old Abner and his father, James Choc, live in San Felipe Village in Belize’s multicultural Toledo District. In the remote, predominately Mayan communities in the region, just half of villages have access to preschool or day-care services for their children.

Sergeant Shaunjaye Mitchell-Jamaica 

Sergeant Shaunjaye Mitchell

“I may not be perfect but when I look at my son, I know that I got something in my life perfectly right” says Sergeant Shaunjaye Mitchell-Jamaica


O’Shane Williams-Jamaica


“His presence from inside the womb touched my heart before he was born” – O’Shane Williams



Richie Renaldo-Jamaica


“Her laughter melts my heart”–Richie Renaldo




There are thousands of fathers like the ones we featured above who are ordinary people but extraordinary fathers. They represent the good examples of how fathers from across the Caribbean have devoted their lives to their children.