Staff Writer - Kerran Monroe

Staff Writer – Kerran Monroe

In Jamaica News. It’s November, the Sting line up is announced and the ads are up and running.  However, there is no crowd puller this year at Sting.  I am not speaking just in terms of a

specific artist with a huge following; I am also speaking in terms of the format of the show this year.

There are no major clashes on which the show is being sold.  There are no major antics which are expected to pull people to the Sting venue this year.  All I have heard thus far in the adverts are the entertainers that will be performing and apparently the major selling point for the show this year is that it is the 30th anniversary of the show.

Mr Vegas

Mr Vegas. Photo courtesy

However, it being the 30th anniversary is not enough to sell the show this year.  In fact, because it is the show’s 30th anniversary, I am looking for something extraordinary to take place.  I am looking for a wow factor that will persuade me to travel all the way to Mosquito City and brave the national bird of Portmore to attend Sting 30.

However, I must admit this is Sting, after all.  The lineup can in fact be altered on the night of the show.  Things can happen that were not advertised prior to the show; and that is the surprise element of Sting.

So could the surprise this year be a clash between Mr. Vegas and Bounty Killer?  They have been feuding for the past few months.  Then recently Mr. Vegas released a clash song aimed at Bounty Killer, in which he made it clear that if the Sting promoters are up to a clash between him and Bounty, then he is as well.  He later stated in an interview that he is ready to clash Bounty at Sting 2013.  The surprise of this clash would be that Mr. Vegas is not known to be a clash artiste, so it would be interesting to see how he holds his own against a clash veteran such as Bounty Killer.

Anyway, Sting is still some time away; so let’s wait and see what happens; if Bounty is also up for a clash this year.