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Top 7 Creative Solutions Against Boring Walls

by Diana Smith
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Changing something that doesn’t work in your home is never easy. But coming up with a solution for that dreadfully bland wall space is even tougher. If you are thinking about redecorating your empty walls look no further, just read on.

Break the monotony with an accent wall

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If you feel like your room could use some spicing up, but you don’t really feel like repainting it entirely, why not just have one accent wall? This isn’t exactly a new idea – adding an accent wall has recently regained popularity among interior designers and creative homeowners, since it is a relatively easy yet effective way to create depth in a room. Think about what color goes well with the rest of your furniture; usually it’s best to choose a contrasting or complementary color. And don’t be afraid to go all out – with accent walls, you either go big or go home. There are countless designs and paints to choose from, like those with beautifully crisp matte finishes, metallic paints, glitter paints, textured paint, so you really have no excuse to lack imagination.

Brighten the room with wallpaper

Another great solution is to use wallpaper instead of paint to accentuate a wall or corner of a room. The upside to using wallpapers instead of paint is that you can get more intricate designs with half the effort. However, if you’re still on the fence about getting permanent wallpaper, why not consider temporary wallpaper which is much easier to apply and can be removed whenever you want a change. We recommend these beautifully crafted removable Japanese wallpapers which come in a wide range of designs and colors. They are a relatively budget-friendly solution for dull, empty walls.

Create an illusion with mirrors

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Mirrors are not only useful for taking selfies and checking your outfit of the day, they are also a great tool for maximizing light and creating the illusion of space in a room. Whenever you feel like you need to draw attention to a certain area or corner, you can achieve that with mirrors. They are more subtle than wallpaper or paint, and if you place them correctly, they can reflect the décor in your room or anything on the opposite wall, like a colorful painting. You can also add interesting items in front of the mirror, like a coffee table with a vase of flowers, it will reflect the beautiful colors and make them pop. 

Hang up your own art gallery

An empty wall is the perfect background for all those masterpieces you have been keeping in the attic to collect dust. Don’t worry if they’re different sizes, cramming the all together makes for an interesting effect – they will look almost like a wallpaper pattern. What makes everything even more interesting is if you mix up the frame colors and designs. Of course, if you prefer the smart and polished look of even paintings or pictures displayed in matching frames that works too. Add accent lights to further elevate the look.

Display your favorite books

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Shelves are both a practical and creative way to break the monotony of your empty walls. Whether you decide to have floor to ceiling book shelves, cupboards, or floating shelves, they will definitely add some charm to your room. Use the extra space to display your favorite books, or even family photos and plants. Whatever you find pretty enough to display – place it on your shelf.

Accentuate your windows

If you’re trying to be more subtle about breaking the blank space of your walls, maybe focus on the windows instead. With a few licks of paint, your windows can be just enough to change the atmosphere in your room. Additionally, you can place colorful curtains or patterned panels, which act as décor on their own. Layering curtains with drapes will create an interesting and luxurious effect.

Add wall plants

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Last but not least, never underestimate the power of organic décor. All you need is a couple of succulents or hanging vines, some pots to put them in, and a few wall hooks. There are fantastic ideas you can find on Pinterest, and people have gotten really creative with their pots – some have even transformed disco balls into the perfect vessel for their leafy friends, and they look stunning.

When it comes to filling up an empty wall and giving it some love, there is no right or wrong way. You can do whatever you want – as long as it looks good. Be creative and let your imagination run wild. Choose whatever paint or wallpaper seems fit, and you can even add shelving for a practical yet aesthetic solution. Throw in a couple of potted plants and mirrors, and you have yourself a completely different room. 

Diana Smith

Diana Smith

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