Staff Writer - Kerran Monroe

It is October, almost November and we can safely say that summer is officially over.  Actually it has been officially over for a while but I have just come to accept it.

Anyway, the summer is known for bringing out a lot of party songs because summer is the season to party.  This is the season when college students have their long break and use this period to de-stress, forget about lectures, finals and assignments.

And what helps us to de-stress, these fun filled, carefree songs that were voiced so we can have a good time.  So here is my list of the top ten hottest dancehall/reggae songs of the summer.

Please note, dancehall and reggae are not put in two different categories, it is just one list compiled with both genres.  In essence, we are just counting down the top 10 songs coming out of Jamaica for the summer.  Here we go:

10.  Bruck it dung by Vegas – This song by Vegas did not exactly get a good run at all the major parties and many people probably do not know this song but it is a really cool song that the females can get wild to.  It is one of those songs that you can be at a party and hearing it for the first time and just fall in love with it right away and start bubble pon it.

9.  Ready for the summer by Beenie Man – This one was a little late for the summer, being released when summer was winding down, but it still got a good run, being played at major events and so on.  Also mega props to the doc for showing these youngsters how to remain relevant.

8.  Freaky Gyal by Vybz Kartel – Now this is one of Vybz Kartel’s classic songs, giving praises to the female with very talented oral cavities (if you know what I mean).  This song features a popular voice note which was made popular by the song, where a woman is telling her friend about a recent experience she had with a gentleman and this voice note went viral.  Needless to say when di selector draw fi dah one yah every tongue ring run up ina di video light.  Fun and joke aside though, this was a really popular one that had most persons giving forwards at parties…..especially the men.

7.  Get Gyal Anywhere by Vybz Kartel ft. Russian – This one featuring dancehall producer, Russian also got a good run this summer, this one had persons doing the “dig it up” dance right throughout the summer.  And I need not mention that the men “buss bay blank” wend ah one yah come on and “a big up dem self”

6.  Tun Up Di Ting by Khago – No doubt Khago has been making his mark

Dancehall Star Khago

on the dancehall scene and this summer, his song Tun Up Di Ting went number one on quite a few charts.  It was receiving heavy rotation in parties and on the radio.  This one also has received crazy forwards in the dance.

Stay tuned for the rest of the list with the top five songs of summer 2011.

Please note that the above mentioned are solely my opinion and not the opinion of CaribDirect so please feel free to disagree. Check me later for the rest…