Staff writer Denise Mota

CaribDirect is pleased to introduce Denise Mota  our first columnist and news correspondent representing us in Brazil.

Denise speaks: From December on, CaribDirect will talk directly to the Caribbean community in Brazil. We will start to publish a series of features signed by me, Denise Mota, a Brazilian journalist and translator. Born in a family with Bahia roots, I am fascinated by multiculturalism and the multiple faces Africa has achieved throughout the world, be it in USA, Europe, Latin America, Caribe.

My commitment in CaribDirect is to connect two faces of this same origin, to present Caribbeans the most interesting of this Brazilian heritage which is strongly related to the same culture, feelings, histories that are part of Caribbean’s life. And to show Brazilians that the spirit of Caribe is also present in their daily lives, as African influence can make us more similar than one can imagine at first look.

My Brazil column will bring news of interest to the Caribbean community all

Symbol of Brazilia

around the world and in Brazil. It will show what is going on in Brazilian society, arts, entertainment, sports and what directly relates to Caribe nationals.

For this reason, all the features of this section will be written in English and also in Portuguese, because the aim is to integrate, to get closer, to generate identification and to promote interchange not only of information but mainly of experiences, opinions, thoughts.

Also by this reason, texts will always end with a concrete dialogue proposal, a mail direction which is an invitation to the global Caribbean community to be part of this process, by contributing with comments and suggestions on what issues you want to be published in this space. I hope you enjoy this exciting column!

Read Portuguese version here