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Sir Garfield Sobers visits West Indies Cricket Team

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Cricket Coach Ingram Jones

Maybe its just me.. whilst it was great as you will see in the video to see Sir Garfield Sobers talking with the squad members of the West Indies, the question that automatically ran through my mind was.. Are they listening? How many of them actually respect what this great cricketing legend has achieved? If so what impact will it have in the upcoming test series against Pakistan?


Again as a cricket coach, I think I am very much from the old school and probably would have had Viv Richards, not only because he is for me the ultimate crickteter but also a very intimidating character. Viv was never a man to be taken lightly on or off the field and I’m not in any way suggesting Sir Garfield isn’t but for me what I believe the short term solution would be for the majority of these players is the S.S.S., which is short for the Short, Sharp, Shock. The Alex Ferguson type style but instead of boots flying around changing rooms, I would have KING Viv wielding his Bat around the dressing room and scaring the living daylights out of each and every player. What would this achieve?

Well, the lax attitude which has become far too regular

with the West Indies Teams would be no more, Pride would definately be restored and if people didn’t perform you know that heads would roll. It is this sort of tough love that will change fortunes. People make excuses for a lack of players due to basketball and soccer, however now I am not buying it. There are more than enough players around the Caribbean. What I do believe is that there needs to be some form of social enrichment program to educate our players from young, for them to take embrace a bit more pride and self worth on and off the field. Something I strongly believe in.. not so much the images of VIV wielding a bat but believe me.. I am sure there are many West Indian fans that given the opportunity before the world cup or even during it would not think twice about running into the dressing room with a bat…

Sir Garfield Sobers

Richie Richardson is part of the old school and I am sure that he will be trying his level best to turn things around and probably has been patiently waiting alongside Otis Gibson for the World Cup to end and to begin a new era. The captain again I am unsure of and again I still believe that the future is with Dwayne Bravo.

I would like to see Darren Ganga back in the squad and given time to find form. He is definately quality captaincy material and whilst people in the Caribbean may make remarks about his technique which can be improved.. Darren Sammy is still in the squad. I have nothing personal against Darren, he comes across as a nice enough guy but to get the job done on the cricket field will need someone with an iron fist, someone who is a match winner or someone with the ability to grit the teeth and rally the troops and this is what is needed. By Ingram Jones – Cricket Development Officer

Please click on the link below to watch the video.

Sobers Visits West Indies Team





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