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Shelley Jarrett Debuts “What We Deserve” Documentary

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Canadian filmmaker, Shelley Jarrett once again explores her passion for bringing to the forefront social injustices in her newest documentary, “What We Deserve” co-produced/ written by Andrew Terry Pasieka.  The emotional and raw documentary will have a screening, February 18, at the Burlington Library at 2pm and a public release, February 19th on Eventive.  “What We Deserve” looks at the over 400 troubled years of the British monarchy as it relates to colonialism and the slave trade, with calls for necessary restorative justice and reparation.  The filmmaker, magazine publisher, woman’s advocate & award- winning podcaster uses her platforms to bring attention to social justices around the world.  “What We Deserve” follows Jarrett’s award-winning documentary W’AT ABOWT US.  The film earned the Canadian Jury award at the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival.    

“What We Deserve” is a true testament to Jarrett’s passion for fearlessly bringing social injustices to the forefront. The documentary details how over 10 million Africans were stolen from their homes and forcefully transported to the Caribbean as the enslaved chattel and property of Europeans. The transatlantic slave trade is the largest forced migration in human history and has no parallel in terms of mans inhumanity to man.  “What We Deserve” puts the atrocities on full display.   

Shelley Jarrett is a respected member of the arts & business community and was named to the 2022 list of 100 Accomplished Black Canadian Women.  She sits on the Board of Art Gallery of Mississauga, is part of the Public Relations Committee and the RPA Women Entrepreneur Award Committee.  The community involved Jarrett also sits on the advisory board of the Canadian Centre for Women Empowerment in Ottawa.     

 In keeping with my goal of raising awareness and education, it is vital that we continue to push for changes to gender based violence, systemic racism and varies social justice issues. I feel its all our responsibility to continue to raise our voices and demand societal change.”  Shelley Jarrett  

To Attend the Screening of “What We Deserve” click link below:




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