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Sexiest Female Jamaican Artists

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So my last blog/article the ‘Least Attractive Female Jamaican Artists’ caused quite a stir! But as they say it’s just banter, and no real offence was intended. If you haven’t read it check it out here. At the end of the day these are conversations I’ve heard time and time again in social settings, so I thought I’d address it. But of course I don’t want you all to think I’m all negative! This post will pinpoint some of the beauties in the Jamaican music industry. Here’s my top 5!

Now I can’t say much attention is paid to Timberlee’s music up to date, but her pretty face and thickness (in all the right places) will certainly catch your attention! I think the only song I really know of hers is ‘Bubble Like Soup’ which was a big hit with the ladies a couple of years back, unsurprisingly the song is about how hot she is, the chorus saying: “Laugh after dem gyal cah dem nuh cute like you, yeah, yeah, yeah,” I couldn’t agree more! The video for the song features the artist posing on top of an BMW X5 in some figure-hugging outfits, and she certainly knows how to strut her stuff. I noticed on the video for ‘Bubble Like Soup’ a couple of people were discussing whether she looks like R’n’B singer Ashanti…I see what they’re getting at, easy on the weave though please!

Tifa, once again not an artist that is massively popular on my iPod, though I am a fan of her recent collaboration with Konshens called ‘Destiny’ which was featured on DJ War’s Top 5 Dancehall Songs for April Tifa is very ‘cute’ looking and has a sort of innocent look, and comparisons looks wise have been made to Hollywood actress Vivica Fox. However Tifa definitely has a bit more ‘meat’ on her bones and eats some good food back a yard! Her hit ‘Bottom of the Barrel’ addresses this, and expresses her love for her curves: “So from yuh know yuh body good an’ yuh nuh crawny.” (Crawny being skinny) It’s good to see a ‘celebrity’ proud of their curves and I guess shows the difference in perception of beauty between the Caribbean and the west! Maybe she should do a performance for some of these sick-looking size 0 models!


Denyque has a sweet, sweet voice and has natural beauty to go along with it, no wonder she’s one of Reggae’s brightest emerging stars in my eyes. Described as “Street, but sweet” Denyque has a beautiful smile and consistently churns out quality music. Hopefully the future will reap big things for the artist! Check out the video for ‘Driving Me Insane’ a collaboration with Big Ship recording artist Chino McGregor.

Keida aka Makeida Beckford – now I’ can’t lie, I hadn’t heard of Keida before I was writing this blog, but I listened to her song ‘Jamaican Boy’ and will really have to catch up. She has got a great voice, shifting between singing and toasting effortlessly. A great figure, pretty face and moves to match – Keida is definitely worth checking out if you haven’t before!



Cherine Anderson is another Reggae starlet, known for her Lover’s Rock hits. I’ve been a fan since ‘Coming Over Tonight’ her collaboration with Chuck Fender. Cherine’s kinky hair and natural looks are a winner and her music is always full of good vibes. A prime example of Afrocentricity and natural beauty being ‘sexy’ where it is often in favour of, to put it bluntly ‘fakery.’ Check out Ky-Mani Marley and Cherine Anderson – One Love, a good way to finish off this piece I think!

Let us know your favorite or if you have another artist in mind.



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