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Rename the Providence Cricket Stadium in honor of Sir. Clive Hubert Lloyd

by Dr Terrence Blackman
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Gentlefolk, I wanted to bring something to your attention and ask for your support. While watching Jimmy Anderson run in from the James Anderson end, I realized it’s unfortunate that we, West Indians, don’t have anything significant named after Clive Lloyd in Guyana or the Caribbean. So, I’ve created a petition to rename Providence Stadium in Guyana The Sir Clive Hubert Lloyd Stadium. I think it’s important that we do this and give recognition where it’s due. If you’d like to sign the petition, please click this link: https://chng.it/RrzX4yNPjM. Let’s work together to get this done, it’s long overdue.

Dr Terrence Blackman

Dr Terrence Blackman

Dr. Terrence Richard Blackman is a member of the Guyanese diaspora. He is an associate professor of mathematics and a founding member of the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics at Medgar Evers College. He is a former Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Visiting Professor at MIT and a member of The School of Mathematics at The Institute for Advanced Study. He previously served as Chair of the Mathematics Department and Dean of the School of Science Health and Technology at Medgar Evers College, where he has worked for more than twenty-five years. He graduated from Queen’s College, Guyana, Brooklyn College, CUNY, and the City University of New York Graduate School.


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