Caribbean news. CaribDirect International Business Network (CIBN) launched on 13th March 2014 in pleased to introduce Patrick Wasawo as a member of CIBN. See Patrick’s profile below:

Patrick Wasawo

Patrick Wasawo

My name is Patrick Wasawo a Wellness Coach and founder of Wasawo Fitness Ltd a small Fitness and Wellness Company offering:

  • One to One Weight Loss Management and Nutrition Consultation
  • Womens Self Defence Workshops/Training
  • One to One Personal Fitness Training
  • One to One Fitness Consultations

Group Fitness Exercise Classes:

  • Palates
  • Boxercise
  • Circuit Training

Writing Nutrition Articles for:

  • Womens Health
  • Men’s Health

Writing Fitness Articles for:

  • Womens Fitness
  • Men’s Fitness

I currently run a Womens Self Defence Class at Active Newham East Ham Leisure Centre which runs from 2pm to 3pm on Saturdays.


This workshop is designed for women who want to gain a practical understanding in how to gain as well as improve their physical Fitness emotional/psychological Fitness as well as their spiritual/holistic awareness with the use of the use of Martial’s Arts in the form of movement core Fitness flexibility meditation breathing and relaxation techniques to gain an understanding of weight management and nutrition in order to gain the knowledge skill self esteem and confidence towards building a strong body and mind.


My aim is to try and reach out to as many women as possible as well as working alongside charitable and non charity organisations that help and facilitate women in need of my services. In order for me to focus on this work full time I need a stable income so I can focus on every area of my business.


I am a qualified:

•               Martial Arts Instructor

•               Personal Fitness Trainer

•               GP Referral Exercise Instructor

•               Group Exercise Instructor

•               Nutrition Consultant

I was trained for 13 years in I Chi Chun 18 Golden Classics School of Shaolin Kung Fu under Grand Master Mohammed Ayoub and mentored by his senior Students/Instructors, learning a variety of striking kicking and grappling systems.

I have gone on to further my studies under Instructor Bilal Brako Head Of Security/Martial Expert student of Garry McKenzie Chief Instructor of The Wing Chun School. direct student of GrandMaster Ip Ching son of Ip Man where I have been for two years developing myself holistically.


I work in a variety of areas but specialise in Womens Health Fitness and Self Defence. I am involved in work with one of my mentors Dr Desmond Barry Williams founder of Nanfang Quantou Gung Fu and PHD in Exercise Physiology

My Experience includes:

•               15 Years Shaolin Kung Fu

•               2 Years Parkour Training

•               22 Years Long and Middle Distance Running

My Knowledge base and specialist areas include:

•               Yoga

•               Sports Massage

•               Deep Tissue Massage

•               Acupressure

•               The human anatomy

•               Kinetic Energy


All the workouts in my syllabus include movements aimed towards building and improving performance in the clients:


  • ·         Developing the Musculoskeletal System
  • ·         Prevention and Management of injuries and physical ailments
  • ·         Dietary and Nutrition awareness
  • ·         Prevention and how to manage obesity and dietary related ailments


  • ·         Confidence building
  • ·         Self Esteem building
  • ·         Composure


  • ·         Use of will/Determination
  • ·         Self Control     
  • ·         Astute and Mindfulness


  • ·         Flexibility
  • ·         Muscular Strength and Endurance
  • ·         Core Stability
  • ·         Well being


All sessions vary, but the aims and targets are all based on:

  • Movement
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • As well as being centred mentally and physically

With a focus on the following areas:

  1. 1.             Strength both mental and physical

Strength is based on will power and begins with an attitude to exert not only physical strength but most importantly the willingness and perseverance to achieve a goal. Therefore, focus is based on the individual’s strength both internally, externally towards their personal development.

  1. 2.             Suppleness both mental and physical

Suppleness is based on the growth of the individual’s physical flexibility as well as the mental ability to be resilient.

Speed both mental and physical

Speed is not only based on kinetic energy but also on the mental and muscle memory. This comes with a lot of practice.

  1. 3.             Stamina both mental and physical

Parallel to Strength Stamina is based on the individual’s mental and physical endurance and grows with the willingness to achieve as well as the ability to honestly express oneself.

  1. 4.             Stance both mental and physical

Stance is based on the individual’s physical posture as well as the mental ability to be firm within oneself. This concept can be learnt in a variety of ways depending on the individual understanding.


Patrick will be doing a 90 second elevator pitch of his business at the upcoming CIBN St Lucia event on Thursday 15th May 2014.

Other CIBN members will be revealed each week until the next CIBN event focusing on St Lucia on Thursday 15th May 2014. For more details on CIBN, follow us or like us on Facebook.