My conversation with Lakeisha from Marietta, Ga, is one of the most passionate and deep interviews you’ll ever hear where someone is being honest about how they felt while they were on the verge of taking their own life. Her letter to her daughter made her stop and re-evaluate.

Suicidal thoughts take place more than you know, and if you were to be honest wth yourself, in a dark moment, the thought might have crossed your mind, or the minds of other people you know.

Her book, BREAKTHROUGH A Light In A Dark Place, is based on the life of two girls who were raised by their grandmother due to their mother’s drug addiction. Without a job and any income the mother’s drug addiction caused her to do the unthinkable…And yes, the story is a reflection of my guest’s life.

Lakeisha joined me on Colourful Radio recently, but you can hear it on podcast. & iTunes.

Lakeisha Hamilton podcast