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Khago And I Octane’s Breakup And Make Up

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Staff Writer - Kerran Monroe

Dancehall and reggae fans were shocked to find out that these two Rastafarian artists were at war with each other and even more shocked to find out that this feud is more personal than lyrical.
This feud came to light when Khago did a counteraction song to I Octane’s ‘Ramp Wid Man”, entitled ‘Blood A Boil’.

These songs were released months ago, however this feud reached a climax when I Octane denied any feuding with himself and Khago, causing Khago to respond saying that himself and I Octane are not on speaking terms due to a number of circumstances and accused I Octane of trying to stifle his career.

In the words of Twins of Twins, dis feud yah come like a shave pon a Rasta, it nuh

Entertainer Khago

look gud. As a result of the negative effect of this feud on the reputation of Rastafarian musicians, Capleton held a meeting with both artists, along with another artist, Teflon, in an attempt to end the feuding between the artists.

By the looks of it, this intervention by the fire man apparently worked, as he got them both to perform together on his annual stage show, “St. Mary Me Cum From”.

In recent interviews both artists seemed willing to maintain the peace between them and they both seem happy with whatever conclusion they came to at the meeting with Capleton.

Entertainer Bounty Killer

As fans of the music, we have all seen feuding artistes putting on facades, trying to convince us that the feud is over, only to see them at it again months later. The two major ones that come to mind are Gully/Gaza and Beenie and Bounty.

For the sake of the fans and the Rastafarian community, I hope that this hatchet burying is sincere and that these two artistes are not taking the fans for a rollercoaster ride.



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