Writer JA Story – Junior Douglas. Photo courtesy voice-online.co.uk

JA Story makes its first appearance at the Broadway Theatre Catford on Sunday October 28th

The event is both a Black History Month and Jamaica 50th celebration.

Writer JD Douglas said “Black Heroes in the Hall of Fame had great success here so I am hoping to get a good reaction to a production that is so timely and needed.”

JD and Flip Fraser produced Black Heroes and the show had several successful nights in Catford.

“What JA story does is present in a theatrical production the  great achievements and fight against adversity of an incredible set of people.”

The musical tells the history of a people which started long before the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1494 right up to the present. Hence the list of historical characters pop up with zest belting out songs specially composed for this original musical.

The critically acclaimed musical will also celebrate 50 years of Jamaica Independence and the success of the Jamaican Athletes at the London Games. As JD emphasized ‘British athletic success is still paraded every day in one form or another in the British media and rightly so, equally the success of the Jamaican team must be continually celebrated’.

JA Story scenes

The list of characters portrayed includes Bob Marley, Paul Bogle, Sam Sharpe, Nanny of the Maroons, Mary Seacole, Marcus Garvey and notable folk heroes.

Also featured will be Ian Fleming who wrote all thirteen James Bond Novels at his home ‘Goldeneye’ in Jamaica, the Welsh born Captain Morgan who rose to become Governor of the Island and Her Majesty Queen Victoria.

Narrator Count Prince Miller remarked “…this is a family show that entertains and educates at the same time, people tend to want to come and see the show over and over again, that is a very good indication of the relevance of the material.

And the best part is that you don’t have to be Jamaican to enjoy this show.”

The variety of musical styles and songs emanates from the many and various races of people who over the years have travelled to Jamaica to make the island their home. They include Iberian Jews, Syrians, Chinese, Indians, People from the African Continent and not forgetting those from the British mainland.

The many styles of music incorporated to tell the story include pop, r n b, gospel, spirituals mento, ska, rock steady, reggae and traditional musical theatre offerings.

Another brilliant scene

Celebrating Jamaica does not come in a more educational and entertaining package.

JA Story is at the Broadway Theatre on Sunday October 28th. CaribDirect.com will be on hand to report on the evening’s success.

Two shows 3.30 and 7.30

Box office: 020 8690 0002

For more information e-mail info@jastory.com

Phone 09744 850 366. Or 020 8925 7005