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Could this popular drink be ageing you?

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Stephanie Reed

Health & Nutrition contributor Stephanie Reed.

When we are thirsty and need a boost of energy it’s quite common for us to buy a can of fizzy drink (soda). They are everywhere and have become a normal part of our diet and our lives.

The marketing guys have done such a slick job at making this an attractive choice; but at the same time we’ve received very little information about what effect it has on the body, to enable us to make an informed choice.

If you have the information and you still decide to drink it that is obviously your right and your freedom. But shouldn’t we have a complete picture of what a food is doing to our bodies, so we can decide how often to have it, or not have it at all?

Photo courtesy httpwwwdeltadentalncorg

Photo courtesy http://www.deltadentalnc.org/


One can of soft drink is like an Acid Bomb. It delivers 9 teaspoons of refined white sugar straight to the bloodstream. That sugar spike makes the body so acidic that the body goes into emergency mode to save your life. In order to neutralize that acid you would have to drink 32 glasses of alkaline water, but of course, we don’t do that. So the body draws huge amounts of organic calcium, a powerful alkalising agent, from the bones and teeth and pours it into the bloodstream to restore alkaline balance quickly.

The occasional can of cola or lemonade would not pose a serious problem, but having 1 or 2 cans every day is a challenge for your body. This defence response is one of the main causes of osteoporosis (brittle bones), particularly in America where people consume on average up to 30 teaspoons of refined white sugar in the form of carbonated drinks.

The saddest sight I’ve seen is of a 3 year old in a pushchair with a can of cola she could barely hold.  I was witnessing a sugar addict in-the-making.  As they say ‘A little of what you fancy doesn’t hurt’, but just be aware of what a lot of soda can do.

For more details you can visit my website @ http://www.beautifulageing.co.uk/. See my interview here:



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