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In Jamaica news. This is a response to a letter written by Dimitri Lyon published on CaribDirect.com entitled JAMAICA IS NO PARADISE. Link to article at the end of letter.


I hear your lament.

I am resident in the UK but in 2007 although my celebration of Christ spans the year, had the privilege (I thought) to spend Christmas in Jamaica. I was saddened when I read one of your newspapers around this period that literally disregarded and mocked God.

People need hope in a Person who stands up for absolute Truth and Righteousness and remains consistent. Your religious system in Jamaica is mocked as we are regularly fed stories of Pastors who are behaving appallingly.

That is, caught on church premises having sex with other men, or molesting women and children. This is no different from anywhere else but you raised the point so I am drawing your attention to the problem.

Photo courtesy wwwrawstorycom

Photo courtesy www.rawstory.com

What people need is not religion with unscrupulous men and women wielding their corrupt version of authority but an active faith in Christ.

A faith that promotes a boldness to stand up for Justice and Righteousness.

God has left the building! If you guys want what He has you have to invite Him back. With him will come the Love needed to have healthy relationships, godly warm (not harsh) parents who will raise children who know they are loved and are cherished.

If we live rebellious lives, breaking God’s law to meet our own desires we must expect to reap rebellious consequences. Chaos breeds chaos.

There is no doubt that the powers that be have helped create the current state of Jamaica. However this has been made easy as God has lifted his hand slightly off of Jamaica.

He is a merciful God and is waiting for you guys to come to a place of repentance. The fish bowl approach will not work. You are right. We have to look in the mirror and ask is my life adding to Jamaica in God’s eyes? Or is it part of the mess that saddens Him?

All of us who come to know Christ is work in progress so this is not about condemning anyone. This is saying there is a way but you have to give yourself and do the right thing. CHOOSE LIFE. much Love.

Regards Vivienne,

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