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Following a sold-out 2014 National Tour and back by popular demand, Christian actress, playwright and entrepreneur Tonya Joy Bolton takes her one-woman theatre show, Holy & Horny, on a Final 16 date nationwide tour throughout the UK for a ?Farewell Tour? (and then to the USA).

Following a sold-out 2014 National Tour and back by popular demand, Christian actress, playwright and entrepreneur Tonya Joy Bolton takes her one-woman theatre show, Holy & Horny, on a Final 16 date nationwide tour throughout the UK for a ?Farewell Tour? (and then to the USA).

Audience Feedback and Reviews

?A phenomenal one woman performance by Tonya Bolton! There were moments of laughter and drama. Well worth seeing and engaging with” Bishop Joe Aldred

“A groundbreaking play not only breaking box office records, but helping to change lives.” The Voice Newspaper

?Holy & Horny shines a spotlight on sexuality as an area of importance not to ignore. Tonya?s brilliant acting performance and her workshops provide a safe place to engage with myths, feelings and concepts that shape participants perception of sexuality and relationships.? Dr. Dulcie Dixon McKenzie at The Queen?s Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education

?Went to see Holy and Horny. Great acting by Tonya Bolton in a play that really gets to grips and provides a realistic depiction of the struggles that Christians experience trying to be holy and celibate as well as touching on the beauty of martial love and sex. It’s funny, serious, thought provoking and enjoyable all at the same time. Highly recommended.? Audience member

The Holy & Horny 2015 Farewell Tour Audience feedback

About The Show

Described as “hilarious, powerful and deeply moving,” Holy & Horny is an inspirational and superbly acted one-woman show celebrating spirituality and sensuality. Written and performed by the very talented Tonya Joy Bolton, the play successfully blends different art forms such as comedy, poetry, drama, and song. We follow Sheila?s amazing journey as she embarks on a set of disastrous dates which lead to unexpected life-changing consequences.

Gifted with exuberant energy, Bolton plays 20 characters gliding effortlessly from one to another (one forgets it?s just her on stage!) She?s in turn disarmingly naïve Sheila, a good Christian striving to reconcile her sexual longings with the tenets of her faith; her alter-ego, sensual exhibitionist Eve; an old motherly woman who looks like a tramp; Sheila?s hilarious cousin Marcia; her good-for-nothing boyfriend Gary; the Church?s gossipy community; and fiery Preacher Prophet Webster.

Holy and Horny was first staged in 2011 and broke box office records. It was also staged in 2012 and 2014 to sell out audiences. As well as making you laugh, Holy & Horny may well make you weep too as Tonya brings to the stage an innovative, head-on, no-holds-barred approach to thought provoking concepts of race, gender, culture and sexuality.

Holy and Horny not only adds to the discussion of singleness and celibacy; but it also addresses taboo issues such as domestic violence, sexual health and sexual abuse – subjects rarely discussed within churches; and as a result many Christians often suffer in silence.

This memorable evening at the theatre pulls at the heartstrings, totally engages the brain and will leave you stimulated and exhilarated.

?As a result of watching the play, numerous women in the audiences reported their own rapes to police, received counseling, accessed support services and began to recover from the trauma of sexual and domestic abuse.?
Tonya Joy Bolton, interview with STUN (Sustained Theatre Up North)


Coming Soon To Your City

Date Location Phone Number Website
03.10.2015 Nottingham Arts Theatre, Nottingham 0115 947 5925 Book Here
08.10.2015 Fairfield Halls, Croydon 0208 688 9291 Book Here
09.10.2015 UK Centre for Carnival Arts, Luton 0114 223 3777 Book Here
10.10.2015 The Drum, Birmingham 0121 333 2444 Book Here
15.10.2015 Dugdale Centre, Enfield 0208 807 6680 Book Here
16.10.2015 Dugdale Centre, Enfield 0208 807 6680 Book Here
24.10.2015 Guildhall theatre, Derby 0133 225 5800 Book Here
29.10.2015 The Y, Leicester 0116 255 7066 Book Here
30.10.2015 New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth 0239 264 9000 Book Here
 31.10.2015 The Place, Bedford  0123 435 4321 Book Here
 06.11.2015 Z-Arts, Manchester 0161 226 1912 Book Here
 07.11.2015 Library Theatre, Sheffield  0114 223 3777 Book Here
 14.11.2015 Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton 0190 257 2090 Book Here


Please watch the Trailer here:

Tonya Joy Bolton Photo courtesy twittercom

Tonya Joy Bolton. Photo courtesy twitter.com

A brief biographical sketch: Tonya Joy Bolton definitely walks her theatre talk. Whilst homeless she completed a BA in English and Gender studies; she later gained an MPhil in Theological Studies and is currently studying for an MA in Screenwriting for Film & TV.

Tonya is a survivor of both domestic and sexual violence, and uses the creative arts to spread a positive message of empowerment.

In 2008 she set up her company, ICU Transformational Arts, a social enterprise utilising the creative arts to help young people with emotional and mental difficulties as well as youngsters who are victims of abuse. Tonya has written several plays which she performs in schools and across the country such as ?Hidden? denouncing young girls? sexual exploitation and ?Man Up!? aimed at teenage boys who are vulnerable, or simply at pains to carve an identity for themselves in a complex, often confusing world.

For her work with ICU, Tonya has just been awarded leading children?s charity Barnardo?s prize, ?The Marsh Trust Award for Outstanding Achievement in Work with Children & Families?. Last year ICU TA was shortlisted for both the ?National UK Sexual Health Awards? and the ?NWG Network Outstanding Contribution to Victims Awards.? The list goes on and so does Tonya?s mind-boggling activity!



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