Tourism Writer Jackie Michael

It’s that time again to think about what commitment you should declare to the world in January only to forget your fervour by February. Here at Holidays To Feed Your Soul we want to give you an opportunity to declare your news years’ travel resolution to the world.  “In 2012 I want to travel and visit the Caribbean Island of ……..”

You must agree that this is one of the best resolution to have and I am sure that if you’re reading this travel blog trying to keep this promise will be at the top of your to do list.

Here are some ideas to help you create your once in a lifetime holiday

1)      Choose an island of your choice

2)      Experience business or first class

3)      Stay in a 5 star hotel

4)      Have a private dining experience on the beach

5)      Go to a first class music event

6)      Take in the local Saturday market

7)      Have an outdoor massage

8)      Support a local community event

My luxury holiday would have to be one of our Girlfriend Getaways packages to St Vincent and the Grenadines where we would experience a Robinson Crusoe style reunion with my best girlfriends.

This is one holiday that you can guarantee no crowds, no queuing and no waiting around! Located in the eastern Caribbean, part of the Winward islands, St Vincent and the Grenadines is made up of 30 islands. The most renowned is Mustique but there are other private islands each with their own distinct character and are relatively untouched by mass tourism providing an exquisite setting for friends to reconnect.  Getting away together on a private island can create bonds that simply don’t occur any other way.

So what’s your ideal holiday – let us know?  So we can create 2012 CaribDirect Caribbean travel list.

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