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Cabbie Chronicles….a true Jamaican animation

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Staff writer - Latoya Wakefield

“Fluffy Empress, a love yu wid yu excess yea” these are infamous words of our home-made series Cabbie Chronicles. Almost every Jamaican is familiar with that line even if they never watch an episode.

According to jamaicaobserver.com, Cabbie Chronicles take “a light-hearted look at a taxi driver’s day”.  We, Jamaicans love a good laugh and our day to day commute, the taxi is like our own private theatre with our taxi men and passengers the comedians.

Anieph Latchman and Marlo Scott, both past students of the Edna Manley

Popular Cabbie-chronicles

College School of Visual Arts along with Alison Latchmen who received her training in the Performing Arts in London, England produced this creative and hilarious animation, Cabbie Chronicles. Cabbie’s humour is just infectious and it doesn’t matter which tier of society you are, you just have to laugh.

In an article called ‘Tales of Cabbie Chronicles’, Nashauna Drummond, Lifestyle Coordinator, made note of the group who produced the series winning a D.E.W. Best Caribbean Animation award at the Animae Caribe New Media and Animation Festival in Trinidad in December 2010. She cropped the top award and received encouraging comments from world class animators. From YouTube to Facebook to FlowonDemad, the animation was a hit with locals.

I’m a strong supporter of animes. I just love them. Dragonball Z, Naruto, Bleach, The Notebook among many others are always on my ‘must watch’ list whenever I have some time to unwind with a good bowl of Milo Tea, Excelsior Water Crackers and Tastee cheese and my favourites animes as listed prior. Now I can add Cabbie Chronicles!

I always knew there was potential to create our own cartoons. In addition, it’s refreshing to watch animations in our own language. Patois is such a colourful part of our culture. I do not know why so many people look down on it. We know there are many obstacles such as lack of resources and lack of funding. The series, Cabbie Chronicles is proof that despite all we can expand our local film industry and we should! The potential is too great, the talents and skills are available, the people are willing and anything we don’t know, we can definitely learn so why not give it a try?

Sometimes we spend too much time focusing on the bad things of our nation that we miss all that’s working for us. Despite all, we’re still a warm, friendly, creative, vivacious people who just loves a good ole’, makes my belly hurt till I’m crying, can’t breathe laughter.

Living in the Caribbean is not so bad; we can make it better (and cease the ideology that we can escape our problems by migrating to foreign). We need to put our authenticity out there in every thing we do. Don’t you see that everyone who’s not a Caribbean wants to be one (just check the movies)? Yea Mon! It’s time for us to appreciate and promote who we are.                                                                                                Genius Creators of Cabbie Chronicles

In the meanwhile, more Caribbean animations please! I got a hot cup of Milo waiting 😉



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