I made a special effort to watch “British Black Power” last evening on BNC 2, and can’t hold back on a short  commentary from a couple of different perspectives; it is as follows:

A well produced documentary utilising the old with the new archives embellished with live witnesses, which served to grab one’s attention and enhance authenticity. The style certainly brings one into the fold with the impact of reminiscence, resonance and restrained anger.

🏾*The Message*:
• Without doubt  “British Black Power” emphatically communicated the quest for equality over the last 50 years.
• Action pursued selflessly by committed individuals
• Structures for community action characterised as small and relatively uncoordinated satellites of reaction to a most brutal existence perpetuated by the state sponsored Police institution.

🏾*What was Missing*:
• Some commentary on the current state of organised black community action to fill the gap, which has the potential for leaving viewers feeling annoyed and somewhat  helpless.
• That we must work collaboratively, purposefully and wisely to develop our organisations to maintain the fight is just as important today, because we are nowhere near reaching the goal of equality and justice.

Our youth should be encouraged to watch “British Black Power” as the foundation of a sustained strategy are unequivocally presented.

Keep strong, positive and smart as we travel the road of ever-changing bumps, bends and goad posts. Vincent John