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Best Caribbean Movies of All Time

by caribdirect

The familiar phrase of Art imitates life is aptly reflected in the movie world.

Caribbean films often reflect the lifestyle, unique culture and reality of the world often surrounding the main characters. I grew up with a love for movies, enjoying those that leave familiar scenes and great one liners.

I fondly remember one such movie “Smile Orange”. I first read the book for 7th grade drama class in high school. This play written by outstanding author Trevor Rhone was a satirical view of the tourism industry, set in the late 70’s era where afros and bell bottoms were the fashion rage, witty with great comedic moments.

There have been quite a few films that made an impression. All unique with different styles and reflections of life, soundtracks filled with our vibrant reggae music. Movies are an art form, with a vast genre ranging from comedy, drama and suspense, biographies, horror, fiction and science fiction.

Legendary Smile Orange

There have been several movies and most will remember Jimmy Cliff’s famous role as Ivanhoe “Ivan” Martin in   the movie “The Harder They Come.” This film transcended quite a few generations and with the same titled album from Cliff which has great hits such as Many Rivers to Cross, You can get it if you really want” and  Sitting here in Limbo.

Such great hits helped Jimmy Cliff in becoming an international star and inductee in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2009. These hits went to garner international acclaim along with several other songs by Jimmy Cliff. The movie is a classic and loved by many.

Generation X may disagree with me on this, citing that there are others that may be declared true winners. Such film as Dancehall Queen may be hailed as one of the best. Its plot, characters brought to life by talented actors such as Audrey Reid and Paul Campbell is a vivid portrayal of life in the inner-city ghetto.

The hardships and difficulties that are a mainstay in such a life are defied by hope eternal. While I do not dispute that that is a great film, the Harder they Come is a classic. Jimmy Cliff portrayal of Ivan will forever be etched in our minds, the music, lyrics and all forever will be singing on our lips. Like a true classic, it has transcended time, an immortal Caribbean film.



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