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‘Zipping Up My Boots’

by Amanda Alexander
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Lifestyle Columnist, Amanda Alexander

In 1980 the band Odyssey sang a song titled ‘Zippin up my boots’, here’s some of the lyrics to that brilliant song. “Zippin’ up my boots going back to my roots yeah, to the place of my birth, back down to earth, I’ve been standing in the rain drenched and soaked with pain”…in pondering what to write this morning I heard in my spirit…”zippin up my boots going back to my roots”, I knew I was being directed to write about this. 

My parents were from the beautiful island of St Lucia. Due to the unfortunate circumstances I encountered as a child in that country, I made an inner vow to myself never to go back. However, since my mother’s death, God did a miracle in my heart and showed me that I had been standing and walking in boots drenched with pain, and it was now time to unzip those boots, kick them off and zip up new ones filled with joy and love again for my sweet St Lucia. 

If you love and want to help people it will be the same for you too. Through our brokenness God enables us to empathise and love others, but we have to go through that valley of the shadow of death to understand that what was designed to wipe us out, is what God uses to bring healing and restoration not only to ourselves but for others. 

Now, I’m going back to St Lucia after nearly 50 years in the power of the Holy Spirit to help share the gospel using a great resource called ‘The Amazing Gospel Story’ written by Irish evangelist Patrick Daly – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MICw5NLgYpE I never dreamed in a million years that I’d be going back to St Lucia to visit far less share the gospel of Jesus Christ, we’ll be landing in St Lucia in the next few days. like Moses I ran away but God is bringing me back.  

I’m encouraging you to ask God to show you your boots of pain, unzip them and kick them off, it’s time to stand and walk in God’s boots of love, joy and peace. When you do this your life will become glorious and far above anything you could have asked, thought or imagined, He’s done it and continues to do it for me and He wants to do the same for you too! 

Another line from the infamous song states “I’m homeward bound, got my head turned around”. My head has been turned around where once it was filled with pain, all I think and see now is the beautiful people from my beloved homeland St Lucia. I’m so excited and can’t stop dancing to this catchy St Lucian tune…indeed there is no place like home! I pray God turns your head around from pain to beauty and strengthens you to walk in your new boots, why not start by dancing in them? https://youtu.be/nMPQ2Jsrirw 

So until next time, remember you are beautiful and wonderfully made – With love Amanda x                  

 Amanda Alexander is a Pastor, Teacher, TV Media Journalist

Founder of Female Dignity, Warrior Women & Amanda Alexander Productions

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Amanda Alexander

Amanda Alexander

Amanda Alexander is a TV Media Journalist, Founder & Managing Director of ‘Amanda Alexander Productions’. A Christian company committed to writing and producing Christian content.

She’s also the Founder and Director of Female Dignity, an organisation dedicated to providing machinery to girls and women in developing countries to make feminine products utilising the raw materials in their town/country.

As well as being an ordained Pastor and Minister of the gospel Amanda runs her ministry ‘Warrior Women’ which empowers ladies to live and walk in the ‘Fear of the Lord’. She also serves on the leadership team of New Life Church and as a ministry coordinator for Patrick’s Mission.

A Christian for over 25 years Amanda loves people and is adventurous. To contact Amanda please visit her website www.femaledignity.co.uk [email protected] or 07494444064.


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