Members of the UK’s largest Muslim youth group, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA), are spending the holidays spreading festive cheer through a host of community initiatives.

Volunteers as young as five will pack and deliver chocolates, flowers and toys to children’s hospital wards and to care homes across the country.

AMYA members hope to spread some additional festive cheer to critical NHS and healthcare staff coping with the huge pressure caused by recent spikes in COVID-19 hospital admissions and fatalities.   

The young volunteers will also do their bit on New Year’s day when over 500 volunteers will be up at the crack of dawn to sweep public streets and litter pick.  

Dr Anas Rana, Director of AMYA for Charity & Welfare said:

‘‘As we have all seen, the unprecedented challenges posed by COVID-19 are having a huge impact on family relationships, poverty and mental wellbeing. In these situations, Islam urges every Muslim to be charitable and act on the saying of the Prophet Muhammad: ‘‘Every act of kindness towards another is charity.’’

‘‘So, we have told our young members not to sit idly but instead use this time as an opportunity to be productive and help. Even though we as Muslims do not celebrate Christmas, it’s our duty to stand shoulder to shoulder and help each other however we can.” 

During the pandemic, AMYA has so far assisted and delivered food and medicine to 21,022 household, donated 6,290 units of PPE to front line workers and have delivered 673,000 pieces of PPE on behalf of the government. AMYA has also delivered 1702 meals to students and their families and delivered 10,036 food packages to front line workers whilst also donating 1066 meals to the homeless. All AMYA activities are carried out strictly according to Government social distancing guidelines.

Photo courtesy AMYA Press Office