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Unforgettable Places To See in the Caribbean

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With so much to do, see, hear, eat and drink in the Caribbean holiday goers are spoilt for choice! With vibrant night life, natural attractions and an extremely rich culture to the Caribbean, it’s easy to find variety in any vacation, on any island. Unfortunately I, myself haven’t been fortunate enough to visit every Caribbean island yet (one day I will though) but I’ve obtained personal recommendations for some great attractions that are well worth a visit! Here are a few:

Sulphur Springs – St. Lucia

Now I’m going to start off a tad bit biased by saying that St. Lucia (my mother’s homeland is truly beautiful! I will also ignorantly (as I haven’t visited all islands yet) proclaim that it is the best Caribbean destination hands down! Mountainous, scenic and largely unspoilt the island holds scores of great natural attractions. My favorite is the Sulphur Springs; the world’s only “drive-in” volcano. Cool huh? Tours are available which detail the various rock formations around the area and of course you can take a look at the various craters which emit steam, though dormant. Also arrive before dawn or during the evening and have a relaxing and soothing mud bath at the springs. The mud, rich in numerous minerals is said to afford excellent skin and health benefits!

Harrison’s Cave – Barbados

Suggested to me as both an educational and fun activity to undertake whilst in beautiful Barbados. Harrison’s Cave is heralded as one of Barbados’ greatest treasures. Lying 700 feet above sea level, the caves are accessed by trams which travel through the tremendous open cavity. Truly a gem of the Caribbean, visitors can also walk at certain points along the trail in order to examine the amazing rock formations. Experienced tour guides will give you the low down and history of the cave, an opportunity to take some unbelievable snaps. As one of the ‘Seven Wonders of Barbados’ the crystal and rock formations, opened in 1981 to the public are one of the most popular attractions in Barbados. Visitors can go the extra mile by snorkeling among the vibrant sea life in the caves underground tavern, or alternatively enjoy a picturesque eco-wedding at the caves.

Grand Anse Beach – Grenada

A lot of people think: Caribbean = Beaches. Undoubtedly not a bad thing, but of course we all know there’s much more to the beautiful region as my two previous destinations prove. Nonetheless Grand Anse Beach gets an honorary mention! Often regarded as the best beach in the Caribbean (as you can imagine this is no small feat) the beach is 2 miles of unspoilt, crystal white sand in paradise. Unsurprisingly, it is one of the islands best loved tourist destinations. The fact that the beach is located on the Western (Leeward) side of the island  affords it calm cool waters and shelter that make it a haven for water sports, scuba diving, and relaxation. Imperatively, there are a number of excellent restaurants and bars that compliment the beach – kick your feet up with a local rum punch and enjoy paradise!

Dunn’s River Falls – Jamaica

A destination, which in the vein of the nature of its mother island Jamaica ‘packs a punch’ so to speak. Among Caribbean islands, often Jamaica is the first island to be thought of, undoubtedly the island has had a significant impact on the world with many lasting perceptions of its culture and heritage. In turn Dunn’s River Falls as one of the islands natural wonders has been popularised in film, music and pictures that have resonated around the globe. As a young boy I visited the falls with my dad and remember the gushing water and falls characteristic of the attraction. Thousands of visitors make the pilgrimage to the falls each year, taking in the vast 600 feat of cascading waterfalls, it is arguably a must-see on a vacation in Jamaica. Natural beauty – need I say more?

Botanic Gardens – St. Vincent & the Grenadines

Located in Kingstown, St. Vincent’s Botanic gardens are one of the oldest in the Western Hemisphere. Home to a variety of rare plant species, the gardens are a worthwhile visit for nature lovers. These plant species have been preserved and protected in their natural beauty since the 18th Century and efforts are also made to safeguard the St. Vincent Parrot which can be found in the gardens. Occupying approximately 20 acres just outside of the nation’s capital, the Botanic Garden’s are a prime location for relaxing, weddings, studying and of course taking some awe-inspiring snaps!

Of course there are many more attractions to explore in the Caribbean, and these suggestions may not be your personal favorites! What are yours? Let us know! One thing is for certain there is more than enough to discover amid the beautiful islands of the Caribbean. What are your choices?




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