Wearing a wig no longer carries the stigma that was once a concern. For many women, a wig is a must-have fashion accessory that helps protect their natural hair while achieving the style they want. 

While there are a lot of different types of wigs, a u-part wig helps create a more customized, natural look than some of its counterparts. Here’s everything you need to know about u-part wigs and whether you should buy human or synthetic hair.


What is a U-Part Wig?

A u-part wig is a special type of cap that leaves your natural part line exposed. You can customize the part’s width and determine how much of your natural hair you want to show. In simplest terms, the wider the part, the more natural hair that will be visible.

A u-part wig helps create a natural look, while also offering more ventilation to the hair and scalp. If you want to accentuate your natural hairline, this is the wig style for you.


Benefits of Human Hair

Most u-part wigs are made with human hair. Human hair adds to the natural look and feel of the wig because it’s real! A human hair wig is an often higher quality than a synthetic wig and also offers more versatility in styling. With a human hair wig, you can alter the style as you wish and change your look from one day to the next. 


Cons of Human Hair

There are a few challenges associated with human hair wigs. First and foremost, their realness makes them susceptible to the elements. If you thought wearing a human hair wig would eliminate humidity from your styling challenges, you’re mistaken. 

Human hair wigs also require a lot of maintenance, including regular washings and deep conditioning. Many women with afro hair already have a rigorous care routine for their natural hair. Wearing a human hair wig will double the time investment for hair care. 

Finally, a human hair wig will generally cost significantly more than a synthetic wig.