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Traveling to the Caribbean? 5 Amazing Places You Must Visit

by Sarah Kaminski
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The Caribbean is a synonym for glorious beaches, pristine waters, and the embodiment of a tropical, carefree holiday. It is the first thing that comes to people’s minds when you say “ideal vacation destination.” 

The Caribbean is home to thousands of islands, each more gorgeous and tantalizing than the next, so it might be quite the challenge to pick just one place to visit. We have compiled a list of five places for you to visit during your next stay in paradise.


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Barbados is located in the West Indies, and some people don’t even consider it a part of the Caribbean proper. However, it is certainly an island you should visit if you are in the region. 

The island is famous for its music, its food, and its amazing beaches. It is also a rare location where you can see casual backpackers and multimillionaires eating in the same spots. 

You can go hiking, snorkeling, or diving on the island, or you can just pick a favorite beach and spend your entire day lounging around, sipping a pina colada.

The Cayman Islands

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If you are searching for a low-cost plane ticket that will take you to the Caribbean, you might want to try landing on Grand Cayman Island. It has an international airport, and it’s well-connected with most major cities around the world. 

Once you land in this tax haven, make sure to explore George Town. It can teach you a lot about colonial history and the impact the British had on the area. You can also learn a lot about piracy or even go looking for lost treasure. 

Of course, there are plenty of beach activities too. You can go visit the turtles at the Cayman Turtle Centre, ride a rented bike around the island, or explore Skull Cave.

The Dominican Republic

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If you love to dance and eat well, the Dominican Republic should be one of your first Caribbean stops. You can perfect your bachata, eat the best sancocho in the world, and try some amazing tostones. 

The two most iconic locations on the islands are surely Puerto Plata, where you can catch some of the best waves in the world, and Punta Cana, a beach and resort like no other. The white sands and the abundance of infinity pools will certainly take your breath away. 

Don’t miss out on spending a day or two in Santo Domingo. Stroll around the Zone Colonial and learn even more about the colonial history of the region. You’ll see a lot of both French and Spanish influence in the country.


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You can’t go to the Caribbean without visiting Jamaica. And you can’t go to Jamaica without falling in love with the food and reggae. The culture of the islands is both exactly what you expect and not quite what you were hoping to see. 

You will see a lot of African, Carib, Creole, and colonial heritage. The history of the island is fraught with harrowing tales of inequality and slavery, which you can learn a lot more about while visiting Kingston. 

If you love spending time in nature, the island is your perfect destination. You will want to spend a couple of days at Seven Mile Beach in Negril. Also pay a visit to the Dunn River Falls, and check out the Bob Marley museums all over the island.


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And if you are going to Jamaica, you can’t possibly not go to Cuba. A country that is often viewed by Westerners either as the last pillar of communism or a beach paradise, it’s one of the most vibrant islands you will ever visit. 

There’s the music, which will follow you around everywhere. There are, of course, the cigars, which you will certainly be tempted to try. And yes, Havana really is home to all those old-timers, and yes, the city does really look that splendid. 

Cuba is also home to some amazing beaches, which you should certainly make time for. However, it’s also perfectly understandable if you make it down to the beach and lose yourself in the culture, history, and Che-mania of Havana.

While You Are There

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While you are in the Caribbean, you can also try to visit as many of the smaller islands as you can. 

St. Kitts and Nevis, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Haiti, the Bermudas, Antigua and Barbuda, and St. Lucia are all stunning destinations that capture that amazing Caribbean spirit and lifestyle. 

Try to create an itinerary that involves visiting as many islands as possible. You can rest and relax on the beach for a couple of days, then go exploring Cuba or Jamaica, followed by a few more days of sea and surf on some of the world’s most mesmerizing sands.

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