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There Should Be No Need Among Our People

by Amanda Alexander
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Amanda Alexander – Resident columnist

A few months ago I wrote an article titled ‘It takes more than a Drum’. I was highlighting that we Caribbeans living in the diaspora needed to take a more serious look at how we’re contributing to the rebuilding of our native or heritage island nation. Having recently left St Lucia (temporarily mind you!) I noticed how the plethora of blue plastic bins are an eyesore to our beautiful landscape, and how they are contributing to the increase of our nation’s carbon footprint, but this is a story for another day. What I want to focus on this time round, is something I read in the book of Acts in the Holy Bible, chapter 4:34 which struck me to the core “There were no needy people among them”. 

Why and what does this mean for us today? Did you know it was never the government’s responsibility to look after the poor and needy? That is our charge as citizens and ‘The Church’ in general not a denomination, but the whole ‘The Body of Christ’ or Christians, locally and globally. 

Please note I’m not criticising looking after members of your family and friends, but what disturbs me, is that as long as I can remember drums were regularly sent to the Caribbean, but my question today is???? What are we in the diaspora doing collectively for the betterment of our communities in the poorer regions of our countries? Yes, complex issues are at play – mental health etc but it’s very disturbing to hear the cries of the poor, visit children and elderly homes, and see the lack of many resources which we in the West take for granted, is this fair and right? In my humble opinion I really don’t think so. 

In the book of Acts, there’s a situation where the local Christians saw the needs of their neighbourhood and took action to ensure that there were no needy persons in their midst. What did they do? Those with abundance sold what they had and gave to those who had needs, hence no one lacked anything. Again what does this mean for us today? It can mean a number of things, those of us who have an abundance of material possessions, we can donate or sell and help those in need. Those who are able bodied among the needy, provide them with the skills to live a productive life and go on to help their fellow man, after all have you ever seen a moving truck of personal belongings and furniture behind a hearse? 

Another thing we can do is volunteer our skills and time in our respective professions to the island’s local public health services and education system, or get involved in local clean up initiatives. There’s so much we can do to ensure that no one has needs among us, as a result we will see our local residents having a healthier respect for theirs and others lives. 

You may ask, where do we start? Facebook has a number of different island groups that exist in the diaspora, consider joining and visiting one of them, bringing to light your recent experiences to garner support for home. I’m passionate about St Lucia and the rest of the Caribbean islands, and my heart  is to eventually see that as in the book of Acts, there is no need among our own people! 

So until next time, remember that you are beautiful and wonderfully made – With love Amanda x                 

 Amanda Alexander is a Pastor, Teacher, TV Media Journalist

Founder of Female Dignity, Warrior Women, Amanda Alexander Productions. She serves on the leadership team of New Life Church in Bishops Stortford and is ministry coordinator for Patrick’s Mission

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Amanda Alexander

Amanda Alexander

Amanda Alexander is a TV Media Journalist, Founder & Managing Director of ‘Amanda Alexander Productions’. A Christian company committed to writing and producing Christian content.

She’s also the Founder and Director of Female Dignity, an organisation dedicated to providing machinery to girls and women in developing countries to make feminine products utilising the raw materials in their town/country.

As well as being an ordained Pastor and Minister of the gospel Amanda runs her ministry ‘Warrior Women’ which empowers ladies to live and walk in the ‘Fear of the Lord’. She also serves on the leadership team of New Life Church and as a ministry coordinator for Patrick’s Mission.

A Christian for over 25 years Amanda loves people and is adventurous. To contact Amanda please visit her website www.femaledignity.co.uk [email protected] or 07494444064.


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