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The Late Queen Elizabeth’s Body Journeys Down The A40 In A Box

by D Fitz-Roberts
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So sad though it is that the nation has lost its monarch who reigned for more than 70 years and may she rest in eternal peace. National media are pretty loose with the description of the depth of feeling for her passing, claiming the ‘entire nation and the world’ is mourning.

Nothing surprising about the way British media have embellished the truth about how the world feels about the last Elizabeth ascending to a higher plane of existence. The truth is, there are millions of Britons and non-nationals who hold very strong reservations about what ‘The Crown’ means to them as individuals simply trying to eke out a living in this ‘cold’ and ‘united’ Kingdom.

The symbolism of her lifeless body being carted off to London in solitude in a pine box on a dreary cold wet day is not lost on those who underst and fully the reality of life in a country that applauds pomp and circumstance but is indifferent to the needs of those the philosopher Karl Marx refered to as the lumpenproletariat of Britain, the people of lesser class than the royals.

The author who took the video of the passing hurse speeding along the A40 with the queen’s body,  sincerely hopes the sacrifice and tremendous inconvenience of standing in the rain to capture a fleeting glimpse of the royal casket…was worth it especially as he was totally unaware of why those thousands of people were lining the motorway in the pouring rain.

D Fitz-Roberts

D Fitz-Roberts

D Fitz-Roberts is a multi-talented writer on socio-economic issues having worked in journalism across the Caribbean (Grenada, Guyana and BVI) in the 90s. He has worked in London with Black Britain Online, New Nation Newspaper and Caribbean Times. An academic with a passion for research on distributed ledger technologies in emerging economies he is keen to see the Caribbean embrace bitcoin and blockchain technologies to keep pace with the west. He writes periodically for mainstream publications and is the founder of CaribDirect.com. He is also the author of Caribbean children’s book LifeSucks! available on Amazon.


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