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The Ity And Fancy Cat Show

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Staff Writer - Kerran Monroe

I am sure that I am not the only person who thinks that last week’s episode of the Ity and Fancy Cat show has been the best episode since the start of what has been a kind of lackluster season.

From beginning to end of last week’s episode, my house was filled with laughter. From, cooking creatively, to the hidden camera feature, searching for the savior, and nobody can pass it; the show was just a good one.
My favourite feature was the hidden camera and searching for the savior. I have always favoured the hidden camera feature, simply because it is natural humour. The people are just reacting naturally to a situation presented to them.

Last week’s hidden camera feature featured a blind taxi man, trying to convince passengers not to get out of his taxi after they realized that the driver is blind. Most of the passengers seemed frightened and wanted to get out of the car but there was this man at the front that amazed me because, he just sat there like there was no problem and was even helping the blind taxi man to fix his seatbelt.

It goes to show that common sense really is not that common after all.

The searching for the savior skit featured baptism at a river with Fancy Cat being one of the persons being baptized and Ity being the pastor. After each person has been dipped into the river, the pastor asked if he/she saw the savior, and naturally, each person gave a positive response.

Comedians Ity and Fancy Cat

Not surprisingly, when Fancy Cat was asked if he had seen the savior after several dips, his response was no, asking if the pastor was sure that the savior was in the water. Typical Fancy Cat. That scene had my family and I laughing so hard, I am pretty sure the neighbours heard.

All in all, the show has not been so hot this season, however, the August 7th show was really good. The producers need to go back to the drawing board and come up with better ideas because, as Jamaican, once we use to something being a certain way, we are not prepared to accept anything less, only more.

So sorry Ity and Fancy Cat but a unu spoil we from di first season so it’s up to unu fin uh go below dat bar weh unu set fi unu self.

PS: If you missed the show, it is on youtube.



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