Hammocks on the beach, pina-coladas, grilled fish, happy tropical sun, crystal clear waters, bikinis, sunbathing, and tanning- yes we’re talking about the charismatic Caribbean. A heaven of Earth, this group of more than 700 islands offers a heavenly escape to some of the most strikingly beautiful panoramas.

Bays that glimmer in moonlight and natural mineral baths that rejuvenate your skin, fascinating marine parks giving you endless opportunities to witness the miracles of nature first hand- the Caribbean offers it all. Unlike before, the Caribbean now has plenty of options for independent tourists, budget travellers and youngsters along with honeymooners and retired couples, for whom the Caribbean has always been a favourite.


The Pitons of St Lucia. Photo courtesy commons.wikimedia.org

The massive archipelago still has many unexploited, undiscovered treasures, many being listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites. One of them is St. Lucia and its Pitons- famous twin peaks formed of rock and lava. The hike is one of the most interesting trails.

Another small island is St. Kitts and Nevis a bird watcher’s paradise. With the bounty of nature, the island can offer you coveted glances of exotic birds with brightly coloured plumes in hues of blues, purples, shades of green, yellow, orange etc. If you’re lucky, you can also get glimpses of gorgeous birds like herons, brown pelicans and oystercatchers etc.

Another hidden jewel is the Buck Island. Situated in the north of St. Croix, the exquisite marine garden was declared a national monument by the American government in 1961. People opting for snorkelling can treat their eyes with rarely seen sherbet-coloured angelfish and eagle rays.

Buck Island 2

Buck Island, St Croix US Virgin islands. Photo courtesy www.travelenvogue.com.

Another marine park is the Bonaire’s National marine Park, east of Curacao, is a reef system where one can enjoy a swim in one of the most splendid waters, among the most exhilarating marine life. Kayaking and windsurfing are more exciting options. Though, the vigilance on swimmers in the area is very strict.

For more adventurous souls is the Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort. Here you have the option to swim with ferocious wild sharks, which dwell in the warm waters of Nassau.

Sheraton Nassau Beach

Sheraton Nassau Beach, Bahamas. Photo courtesy Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort

If you are willing to stretch your budget and are looking for sheer luxury, the best option for you is Little Cay- an island which you can easily hire for your holiday. The island is half a mile away from Utila, which is around 18 miles from La Ceiba, situated on the northern coast of mainland Honduras.

The island has one huge mansion which serves as the holiday home. It is comfortably equipped with all the basic amenities and luxuries as well. The nearest inhabited island where one can get the basic groceries is just five minutes away. The resort is the perfect destination for honeymoon couples who want some quiet time in the lap of nature.

The Caribbean makes for one of the most delightful holiday destinations. The tiny islands are welcoming and warm. The weather all throughout is pleasant and comfortable, though the end of summer months may come with some disturbances. Otherwise, what the Caribbean can offer, can’t be offered by any other place on Earth.

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