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The Advantages Of Drones In Military Operations

by Rebecca Smith
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Deploying combat drones or Unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAV) is reshaping how military operations are done. Military personnel no longer need to handle extremely risky operations on their own. Drones can transport bulky rounds of ammunition, missiles, and other weapons through dangerous and compromising situations.

What is there in history? When were drones first used in military operations?

Israel employed the first-ever known combat drone in 1973. This drone, known as Ryan Firebee, was manufactured by Ryan Aeronautical Company in 1951. It enabled the Israeli military to launch a well-calculated attack on Egypt without sustaining any casualties. Standing out as one of the earliest jet-propelled drones, Ryan Firebree remains one of the most widely used combat drones in history. Hitherto, drones have been used widely to carry out successful defensive and offensive responses by the military.

Here are some of the advantages of Drones in Military operations:

1. Can be Used as Target Decoys 

Military expeditions require a defense strategy for offensive advances. In some special cases, a defense game plan may require target decoys to mislead opponents and launch an attack from another direction.

It has never been easy to do this in past years, and often it comes with the risks and sacrifice of a soldier. Aircrafts employed as target decoys must have at least a soldier to man the undertakings.  With the invention of drones used for military and defence, target decoys can be set up without risking any life and preparing for attack once the enemy has been duped.

2. Enhances  Precision in Combat Missions

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The military expedition also requires accuracy and tact. You don’t need to make any misadvised steps or shots. As you target the enemy, the targeted enemy also considers you an enemy and would want to reach for your head before you get theirs. A careless and inaccurate combative step only exposes you to the enemy and leaves you vulnerable to their counter-attract. Secondly, you waste ammunition and set yourself up for defeat by making serious or impotent offensive attempts.

You become badass and potentially invincible when you employ a combat drone in your military errands. Drones employ Global Positioning System (GPS), so precise targets and locations can be manoeuvered. This helps you make a fruitful combative operation quickly and recede before the enemy can respond with a counterattack. With Drones, every attack is costly to the enemy.

3. Can Enable Remote Operations

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In most cases, military undertakings are a matter of life and death. This is why war veterans deserve their standing ovation and utmost respect when they recount their bravery and civility in service well done. In some circumstances, military operations are required in very dangerous locations where to have someone operating war crafts is like committing them to death. When handling such circumstances in person, soldiers’ lives are subjected to great risks.

All such risks are avoided as combat is bolstered with drones. Drones prove helpful because they can enable remote operations and help avoid subjecting soldiers between the devil and the deep blue sea. Remote operations require top-tier precision and knowledge but are safer and more successful than carelessly jumping into dangerous territories.

4. Helpful With Assessment and Supervision

Information is very important in military designations. It is risky just to hope things will be alright and act spasmodically and unadvisedly.  Researching to know your enemies’ plans helps you put necessary defense strategies to counter their game plans.

As well you can know their weak points and use them against them. In short, when you have relevant information regarding your target, you will be better placed to check their movement inch by inch.

Drones enable careful surveillance to keep abreast of the enemy’s movement. Unmanned vehicles put no life at risk when situational assessments are carried out. Such information is a basis for appropriate responses in case of looming attacks. Furthermore, it can enable military officers to get relevant information to help them attack more successfully.

Understanding the timelines in which your targets conduct various activities can help you launch your expedition when they are least alert and armed. 

5. Enhances the Safety of Military Personnel 

What is more important to a military leader than to see their military personnel safe and dutiful? The use of drones in military operations greatly improves the safety of the soldiers.

The soldiers do not need to put their lives on the line to execute life-threatening expeditions. Drones will get into the crevices and help do what hitherto has demanded extreme bravery at utmost risk from soldiers. 

6. They Are Cost Efficient 

You may not have thought about it, but drones also help with cost reduction. Military budgets for every country are always higher.

The need to sustain soldiers, such as equipping their ammunition, uniform, sustenance, and utility bills while on the battlefield, is humongous. Less is needed when drones are used than in the absence of the same.

With a dedicated and dutiful team operating unmanned vehicles, few soldiers can be enough to maintain a stable and successful combat against enemies and secure domestic interests. If you use few soldiers, you will spend less as drones do not need much maintenance. 

7. Drones Are Time-Saving 

Time can make a huge difference in military undertakings. With powerful missiles that can wipe out whole military camps in one blow, combative and defensive responses must be made quickly to avert such dangers as soon as detected.

Having to wait for soldiers to be on their posts to respond may be time-consuming. With drones, situations can be handled in real-time without sounding a rallier to everyone. Real-time responses scare away enemies as they know you have an all-seeing eye checking their movement. 

Within a short time, vast geographical distances can be traversed to launch offensive operations using unmanned vehicles.

8. Can Operate For Longer Hours

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Drones have advantages that make them cover human inefficiencies. Assuming a less risky situation where personal military operations are not life-threatening, unmanned vehicles still prove more advantageous. While humans get tired and may need time off or reinforcements, these machines only need to be powered up or fueled, and they can serve as long as they are guided safely.

Unmanned vehicles revamp military operations with indefatigable qualities and enable continuous engagement. The drones will remain subservient even at night when military personnel could be asleep or when they take creative health breaks. As such, they can offer longer and more consistent service than if a soldier was to handle their tasks. 


Since their introduction into military operations, drones have remained useful. Military personnel can do more than they have been used to because drones can do more and be employed in risky places.

Many advantages come with drone technology in military operations. Some top ones include enhanced personnel safety and the ability to carry out accurate and less risky remote operations. Modern military undertakings cannot go well without employing this elusive technology.

Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith

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