Delia Dolor, in-house contributor

Surveys have recorded that people who take regular breaks perform better at work than those who work for long, uninterrupted periods. Depending on your business and the type of responsibilities you have, it may not be so simple to just stop shop midway especially if you need to complete tasks that only you can perform or jobs that are on deadline.

Apart from getting a KitKat, it may be possible for you to take breaks before or after meetings, whether in person, the telephone or online. You could also plan your breaks when it’s time to each and that’s when following a healthy lifestyle becomes a valid reason too. Taking a break for a snack can take under a minute to eat. How about eating and then relaxing for a few minutes or tapping Breath on your app or Apple Watch?

Breaks are short, simple and social, so talk to friends and colleagues who wont talk shop.