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Kerran CaribDirect staff writer

Staff writer - Kerran Monroe

It seems returning to your roots can only do you good, as Supreme Promotions proved to us on the night of the 26th.  Many persons like me were predicting a flop for Sting 2011, with the various negative factors it had to face.  The elections, being one, then the elections just a few days away from the show and not to mention the severe financial pressure people have been facing.

However, it seemed people decided to party the financial stress away, forget about the elections for at least one night and hope that the performers would deliver.  And for those who are politically swayed, I guess they decided to start their victory party from earlier out.

Sting returned to its roots and it did it some good.  The genesis of Sting is Clashes.  Clashes after Clashes and that was what the people wanted to see.  One clash in particular did not live up to the hype, according to the Star newspaper.  That is the clash between Tony Matterhorn and Twins of Twins.  According to the Star, the lyrics in that clash were not up to scratch, however Tony Matterhorn emerged the victor of that clash.

As for the Clash between, Kiprich and Merciless, it was not a Portia and Andrew showdown as in this case, youth gave experience a proper whooping.  The Star reported that Kiprich took Merciless to school, giving him an embarrassing defeat.

The first clash of the night, between Specialist and Hurricane, saw Specialist emerging the winner.  Specialist gave a clash version of his hit single, Street Hustle which was well received by the patrons.  Hurricane never managed to reach category five as it seemed he failed to develop to a tropical storm receiving boos from the audience.

Rising star Aidonia

Other artists who did not clash, also received warm welcomes, among them, are Popcaan who has been blazing the dancehall scene and Aidonia who has also been making an impact under the management of Corey Todd.

Bounty Killer, being a veteran also did his thing, though some of the patrons was apparently expecting a clash between both artists who did not come to pass.

All in all Sting 2011 was a success and it may be safe to say, the greatest one night show on earth is back.



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