Caribbean news. Grief has overwhelmed the Donald Quarry High School in St. Andrew, following the gruesome murder of a grade eight student, yesterday morning (March 3). Dead is 14-year-old Kayalicia Simpson of Newland, Yallahs, St. Thomas. The teen was found dead, at the back of her house, about 5:30 this morning, with chop wounds to the neck and head. She was found clad in her school blouse, and a pair of shorts.

The death of Simpson comes, just over a month, after another 14 year old girl was killed in Westmoreland. The St. Thomas police say young Simpson was preparing school for school and went to use the bathroom, outside her home, where she lived with her grandmother. When she did not return, her grandmother went in search of her. She was found with her head partially severed.

Kayalicia Simpson.Photo courtesy

Kayalicia Simpson.Photo courtesy

Principal of the Donald Quarry High School Talbert weir, says Simpson’s brutal death shocked the school population. He says it is disheartening and everyone at the institution has been affected by the teen’s murder.Mr. Weir says Kayalicia was on the afternoon shift, but was attending school early to use the library to complete school assignments. He says the entire school is overwhelmed by Simpson’s death and grief counselling was carried out at the school today.

In the meantime, Deputy Superintendent of police for St. Thomas, Beresford Williams says no motive has been established for the teen’s murder. The teen’s grandmother has reportedly been left traumatized. The St. Thomas police are investigating. And the St. Thomas police say residents of Newlands are angry over the killing of Kayalicia Simpson.

However, police have urged residents to support the girl’s relatives . Assistant Superintendent Hopeton Nicholson of the St. Thomas police says officers went to the community this morning and met with residents, to urge them to cooperate with the police in their investigation. Meanwhile, ASP Nicholson says while the police do not yet have a suspect they are following strong leads in the case.

And Youth Minister Lisa Hanna has condemned the brutal slaying of 14 year-old Kayalicia Simpson. The Youth Minister says attacks of such nature, have no place in the society, and she is calling on residents to share any information they may have, with the security forces. The Ministry of Youth through the Child Development Agency (CDA) has deployed a team of first responders to the community, and will be providing grief counselling, and other emotional support to the teen’s family. Article courtesy