Karrie Williams – Cruise Contributor

So, what inspired to write about the policia de puerto rico? Well I recently had a cruise day out on the island of Puerto Rico where I encountered a special police officer who left an indelible mark on my mind.

I’d like to share my story with you in her honour and also provide you with some other details about Puerto Rico.

I disembarked my ship after it was docked at the cruise port in old San Juan. A friend of mine had been to Puerto Rico before and highly recommended that I go for a meal at Restaurante Raices, also located in Old San Juan.

Those who know me well know that I am a lover of good food and restaurants so I wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass me by.

I know for a fact that many Puerto Ricans are bilingual but as luck would have it, on that day all the people I met were non-English speaking and since it has been awhile that I visited my Rosetta Stone, you can well imagine that I was quite lost in my quest to find Restaurante Raices.

After walking up and down the cobble stone streets of Old San Juan, asking folks for directions and not being able to find my way, I began to feel a bit overwhelmed.

I wanted to move on- after all the ship was not going to be in Puerto Rico all day and I had lots more places to see and do.

From where I was standing I looked over to my left and saw some parked taxis. I walked over to them; I was ready to catch a ride over to new San Juan and other parts of Puerto Rico.

When I got to the taxis, I noticed a female policia de puerto rico standing close by. She was on foot patrol.

This policia de puerto rico building is very close to the cruise port

She was strikingly beautiful sporting very nicely manicured nails and a much better hair do than mine.

Well I thought to myself, I’ll ask the officer for some final directions before I move on, for surely she must be able to speak English.

I was wrong- she spoke fluent Spanish. Nevertheless we chatted for about five minutes in our English, Spanish exchange.

I don’t know how we understood each other but just when I was about to thank her for her time and move on, she motioned for me to follow her back across the street.

I did and she went and stood at the exact spot that I had just left a few minutes earlier. She looked up and pointed at a high sign above the door which read Restaurante Raices.

Raices Restaurant

I thanked her immensely for her help; as she was walking away she turned around, smiled at me and said ‘no problem- enjoy your meal and your time in Puerto Rico!’

I did enjoy my meal and my time in Puerto Rico; and I highly recommend this island for your cruise itinerary.

If you do come across my VERY helpful amiga from the policia de puerto rico; do give her my regards.

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