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Nothing Special: It’s who we are Part 4

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Staff writer - Latoya Wakefield

We all have standards of what we want in a partner. For me, personality, good hygiene and ambition are mainly what I look for in a guy. The other things are just a plus, that cherry on top of a Devon House ice cream. Some people go for physical attributes first; one has to appeal to their eyes initially before they can get an entrance to their emotions.

A few might have a number of things they look for, in addition to physical attributes such as status (monetarily), background, things they own (car, house, a yacht perhaps). However, do what we look for in a partner guarantee a happy relationship?

The simple truth is happiness comes in all kinds of packages even the ones we never expected and so does love. There are no conditions in love and this I believe. Others may be disappointed in your choice of a spouse. The important question is ‘are you disappointed too?’  You friends and relatives might think he/she is not cute enough, doesn’t have enough education, is not rich enough, etc. You can’t blame them as they only want the best for you or rather what they think is best.

However, you know yourself best and what you want. He might not be Prince Charming but he loves you more than the most handsome guy in the world would and you love him too. In addition, you’re both happy, you work for each other, you’re accomplishing things together, and you understand, trust and respect each other.

Then why give her/him up because someone else is not pleased, as to them he/she is not pretty enough, not slim enough, do not have enough money, not smart enough, etc? Beauty fades anyways and so can money and after a while, your educational certificate gets old and all worn out.

Crooner Musiq Soulchild

A lot of people love for all the wrong reasons…reasons that are materialistic, vain and can easily be removed. Then you wonder why you can’t find true love? Musiq Soulchild sweetly states “I would love you when your hair turns gray, girl and I’ll still want you if you gain a little weight, girl.

Girl, the way we are, that’s how it’s gonna be just as long as your love don’t change”, Al Green croons “Let’s stay together, loving you ever whether times are good or bad or happy or sad”, Common raps “I’m gonna do the best that I can do, as I’m my best when I’m with you”, Adele purrs “There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do to make you feel my love” Listen here

All these songs indicate that love is a value, a great gift…the most amazing feeling that you’ve ever felt and it has nothing to do with what the person has or looks like but what the person is made of, their whole being….when you love, you love the person just the way they are, the good and the bad and nothing or no one should change that feeling.




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