Staff writer - Latoya Wakefield

‘Babes, I’m ready for you anytime but a serious relationship wouldn’t work out’…Have you ever heard this? What do you think of such a statement?? What about this one…’Baby, I want you to have my baby but I’m not ready for marriage’…haha guys are the best. I strongly disagree with the belief that a girl is good enough for sex but not worthy of being your spouse.


Let’s deal with statement one first, so I’m good enough for you to take a plane across the world so that you can use my body? However, I’m not good enough for you to even have a relationship with. When did sex become more important than companionship? Isn’t sex suppose to be an exciting part of a serious relationship…you know, the icing on a darn well built, great tasting, mouth watering, one of a kind cake. A lot of people are talking about NSA (No strings attached). There are some females that can’t manage that though as we’re known as emotional creatures.


However, the males that take the time to tend to their sexual feelings all run for cover when the females they just tended their sexual feeling with get emotional. Females, know what you’re getting yourself into. If you want NSA, are you sure you can manage the consequences? Now it is not the time or the person to be ‘undecided with’ or ‘see where it goes’ or confused about…If the person do not think you’re worth the fuss over because of the distance or what other reason, why would you even bother?

Setting the terms...


Now for the second statement, so I’m good enough to have a baby with BUT not good enough to marry? Guys, please go sit under a rock. It is said that compromise is key in a relationship but sometimes females compromise too much and that’s one of the reasons we have single parent homes which is so very dominant in our Caribbean society. Some many of us allow the males to run from their responsibilities and we make it easy for them.


These two statements are bullshit to me because if a guy really loves you, he’ll give you his all. He’ll want to marry you without you asking. He’ll want to have a relationship with you without sex first. If a guy really rates you then you’ll have no doubts as he’ll prove it to you. This isn’t a myth and in this day and age, love still exists.


Ladies, know what you want and what you’re looking for. Don’t lie to yourselves and don’t fool yourselves. Don’t go on a bunch of sex escapades because you feel that great sex is the way to a man heart. If you’re going to do that, do it because you want to and therefore it will be easier for you to face the consequences rather than be eaten with guilt like the main star in ‘What’s your number?’.


Yes, sex is important but love, respect and understanding are important first. Stop dating in reverse if you know you really don’t want to. Remember I said in part one; you should know what you can manage. I do mean KNOW. No guessing involve especially when you’re an adult.