Staff writer - Nyasha Watson

The controversy surrounding Chris Gayle and the West Indies Cricket Board seems to be an unending issue. The latest saga in this tired war is that it now looks like Jamaica has been locked out from hosting any matches in the upcoming home series.  Members of the Jamaica Cricket Association are saying that the West Indies Cricket Board are not pleased that they included Chris Gayle in their local team.

I am sorry but these two bodies are supposed to be professional organizations. Instead, they are acting like immature adults and in the process they are further worsening the West Indies brand. I mean if Jamaicans are not pleased that they were not given any matches for the upcoming series, the professional thing to have done was to arrange a meeting with members of West Indies Cricket board to iron out the issue.

But then again this is West Indies Cricket we are talking about and I no longer understand anything that they do; whether on the field or off the field. We just have to sit back and watch them and hope for the best.

Cricket super star Chris Gayle

And try to enjoy the hints of brilliance that we get every once in awhile from them; and yes I am still talking about the board.  There is absolutely no reason for them to be fighting “in the media”. I, for one would like to hear more about their plans to improve the cricket in the region than about their plan to save their egos.

Well, since I am on the issue of ego. Is it me or is every cricket nation installing their personal T20 league with Chris Gayle being the “star bwoy”.  I mean Chris just recently competed in the Australian league and now he is on to the Bangladesh league. And in his very first match for his team in that league, he scores 101 from 47.

We know for certain that his ego is on a high and also his pocket!! By the looks of things playing for the West Indians again is becoming a distant nightmare for him. He is probably praying now that the West Cricket Board keeps him on lock out permanently so he can continue making the big money!!!!