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NNP Selects St. David Team Leader

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The St. David New National Party Constituency Branch has elected Mr. Gabriel Henry as Team Leader. The election which took place at the Corinth Government School on Wednesday 16th November 2011 saw over three hundred NNP supporters from the St David Constituency voicing their support for the New National Party.

The race for Team Leader of the St David Constituency saw Mr. Henry going up against the hard working NNP Welfare Officer Mrs. Joy Mancini. The two have been jointly leading the work of the party in the St. David Constituency for the past few months and have pledged to work unreservedly with each other for the benefit of the people of St David and the New National Party regardless of who emerged as Team Leader.

The event was attended by the Political Leader of the New National Party, Dr. the Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell, General Secretary of the Party, Hon. Roland Bhola as well as former Parliamentary Representatives for the constituency of St. David, Mr. Michael Andrew,  Mr. Joslyn Whiteman, Former Minister of Finance Senator Anthony Boatswain and other members of the NNP Executive.

Former Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell described the activity as one of the most energetic and well organized grass root elections that he has ever seen in his over twenty seven years in the field of politics. The NNP Political Leader praised what he described as the ‘democratic process’ in action in St. David and urged the people of St. David to continue to support their selection of Team Leader as the party continues to organize itself to rescue Grenada.

The election saw seventy nine of a possible eighty four delegates casting their ballot as seven delegates were chosen from each of the twelve polling divisions according to the NNP Constitution. Mr. Henry was able to secure fifty one of the seventy nine votes with the remaining twenty eight going to Mrs. Mancini.

Honorable Roland Bhola who presided over the election spoke of the maturity and selflessness of the two candidates as well as the strength of character which enabled them to work with each other for the better good and upliftment of the St. David Constituency.

Mr. Henry pledged to work hard for the constituency of St. David placing the interest of the people at the forefront. He also stated that he is thankful of the work done by Mrs. Mancini in the constituency and will continue to work along with her to bring benefits to the people of St. David.

(Source http://www.barnaclegrenada.com/index.php/component/content/article/22-politics/2146-nnp-selects-st-david-team-leader)



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