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My Girlfriend Refuses To Give Her Kidney To Help Me! Should I Leave Her?

by Authentic Chick
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Dear Authentic Chick, 

I need a kidney so badly. It has been four years since my diagnosis and I have my girl right. She came to this country from Jamaica and I am begging her to help me out. I can sort out her paperwork in exchange for one of her kidneys. Yes, of course, we both did the tests and stuff and now, she is saying that she is afraid to get it over and done with.  Do you think she loves me? Why refuse to give me a kidney after all I have been through? 

Bad kidney

Dear Bad kidney, 

This is quite a sensitive topic and I am wondering if my column is the one to offer you advice. I am not a medical doctor! Okay, I think that I have said enough for you to know that my own kidneys are trembling at the thought of having one removed even to give to a loved one. I am not being brutal I hope but, you both have to sit and discuss this again. The woman said that she is frightened. Who wouldn’t be?  Besides, why mention that she is from Jamaica? She could have been from Croatia! Why do some men think that some Jamaicans or West Indians on the whole should be easily influenced to part with their body parts? Wrong, wrong, wrong. 

However as I said before, if she is willing to discuss with you the pros and cons in the presence of a medical doctor, then so be it. If you love her buddy, go to the doctor and take her with you and go through every ‘i’ and every ‘letter’ of that transaction. 

Hey, don’t be putting her through any guilt trip about “after all I have been through”! There are more terrible things that many people have to face in this life. I don’t think she was responsible for your bad kidney in the first place.  

Ta … Ta…

Authentic Chick

Authentic Chick

Authentic Chick

Hi I’m Ms Frederick an experienced writer with lots of life experience and strong research skills. Welcome to my column ‘Authentic Chick’ which is about providing genuine answers to readers in an entertaining, non-judgmental atmosphere. I am a mother of two adult sons, a creative writer, trained teacher, retired diplomat and civil servant! I hold a PhD in Law and prefer to remain as a ghost writer! All answers to your questions will be well researched and the major objective is to offer solutions that are realistic and reliable. I look forward to your responses…don’t be shy!


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