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My Fake Moustache Scares My Lovers: What Can I do..?

by Authentic Chick
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Dear Authentic Chick, 

Look, I didn’t know that my moustache would have fallen off over the hot cup of tea. Yes, here in London, I made a bid to engage with this woman who I know was very beautiful by all standards. I dressed to impress. I may be around ten years her senior and whenever I see her I feel alive again. She agreed to meet with me one summer day not too long ago. We were sipping hot tea and just like that .. the rest is history! She took off running when she saw my jagged teeth and the section of my lips that were surgically removed. I don’t know what to do. She is not answering any of my calls. Yes, she moved from where she once lived and no one knows whether she has moved back to Barbados. 

Fake mustache! 

Dear Fake Moustache,

Oops! You were caught, teeth and all! I have to be brutally honest. Why did you lie to her in the first place? Just tell her that you had surgery and that you are not a good looking fella without a moustache. 

I am told that living in London could be quite different from living in Barbados. Maybe, just maybe she is afraid of the moustache or the teeth or perhaps you did really scare her. It must have been a sight for sore eyes! A moustache hanging over the rim of a cuppa! 

Look at it this way chap, she ain’t the one! Some folks love men with body parts missing and all that. Trust me, she ain’t the one!  Keep looking and yes, keep hope alive. Next time, please be honest with all your women and let them know that you have had surgery and things are not what they seem on the surface. Perhaps drinking cold drinks might help to keep things in place? 

Ta … Ta…

Authentic Chick

Authentic Chick

Authentic Chick

Hi I’m Ms Frederick an experienced writer with lots of life experience and strong research skills. Welcome to my column ‘Authentic Chick’ which is about providing genuine answers to readers in an entertaining, non-judgmental atmosphere. I am a mother of two adult sons, a creative writer, trained teacher, retired diplomat and civil servant! I hold a PhD in Law and prefer to remain as a ghost writer! All answers to your questions will be well researched and the major objective is to offer solutions that are realistic and reliable. I look forward to your responses…don’t be shy!


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