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MUSIC MAESTRO: Episode 4 – Featuring “TUFF LION”

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The Man, The Message, The Music, The Works

If you offer your listening audience something old, something new, something borrowed and the blues you will musically have something for everybody!! Tuff Lion

There is cause for celebration in introducing an artist who has been laboring long under the radar and out of the brighter lights. However, there aren’t enough superlatives to best describe the incomparable “Tuff Lion”. He is an accomplished singer/songwriter, multi- instrumentalist and producer with over 25 years of experience in reggae music. He has a plethora of years plus on the national/international scene. As a bandleader and guitarist, U.S.A. based roots reggae artist Tuff Lion has at last brought his vocal and lyrical prowess to the forefront as he takes the stage as a lead vocalist. http://youtu.be/3KEg5UEwCds As a precursor to this “lead” vocal emergence, Tuff Lion recorded a single “Good Works”, released on MT. Nebo Records which has become an anthem of hope for those who are working to fulfill their life’s ambitions that won for him a regionally prestigious award for “Best Male Vocalist” in 2006. http://youtu.be/pBErOXHac44 In 2006, Tuff Lion received the Washington Area Music Association (“Wammies”) award for Best Reggae Instrumentalist and the DC Area Reggae Music (DCARMA) award for Best Male Vocalist Records compilation Talking Roots II.

ARMY  Sahra Indio  Ras Iba

His presence in contemporary roots reggae is ubiquitous as he has recorded, performed, produced, and toured with some of roots reggae’s living legends like Apple Gabriel, the Itals, Junior Marvin, Fully Fullwood, the Abyssinians and Donovan Carless. Tuff Lion’s full and lengthy discography of works along with his contribution to VI Reggae Music has allowed him to appear on a number of very popular “mixed tape/CD” editions with renown and upcoming artist like  Army, Ras IbaDezarie, Niyorah, Abja, Midnite Band, Bambu Station and I Grade Records to name a few.  He has also had the pleasure of working with artist like Sahra Indio (Hawaii), Sista Kat and David Morrison. Surely, it will be in this vocal incarnation that the reggae massive will be introduced to this inspiring veteran whose humble contributions to the music have become themselves legendary. the full mastery and regards of his musical gifts become manifestly qualified, justified, due in part to the brilliant collaborations within the independent record label community. Tuff Lion’s fan base stretches from the state of Virginia, U.S.A., where he is currently based, to the far reaches of the globe including the U.S. Virgin Islands, the western states Hawaii, Israel, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, and Mexico

Photo courtesy of CHRISTOPHER HARRIS

His live presentation is well seasoned and experienced as he deftly moves around stages passionately delivering songs from his CD “Utterance” as well as a number of selections from his “under-released” catalog of recordings. He quickly establishes and maintains an engaging rapport with his audiences. In an instant, you can hear that his baritone voice is surprisingly mature and soothing. A voice than can easily modulate to a very fine and soulful falsetto; there is a breath-taking originality to his sound as well as echoes of soulistic styles that appeal to a diverse listening audience. Tuff Lion skillfully uses his voice as an instrument to literally “play” lyrics through, conveying his messages with the relaxed cadence of a serious conversation. There is an earnest candor in his voice.  He relays lyrical information with “flows” that are as consistently varied though always connected to the idea of a balanced relationship to the beats. Ingeniously linking the many forms of African music throughout the diaspora. The resulting word, sound experience enters another dimension. http://youtu.be/W242S-ro0-0

The world will continue to experience the musical messenger in time for Tuff Lion is a highly respected veteran with a reputation for putting forth a full effort into all that he has been blessed to do. He is currently working on his highly anticipated upcoming album. He has other projects in the mix to include National/ International tours, collaboration with Sandal Solé® to produce the upcoming humanitarian album entitled “World Roots” and extending the offer to assist other artist globally to create and produce their music. There is so much more to be said about Tuff Lion but those already familiar with his history of works and those who will be introduced, will delight in having a comprehensive inlet to this now “legendary” artist

for he lives his life righteously, extending his gifts and talents to the WORLD!!!

Please Join CaribDirect, Sandal Solé® and Music Maestro as we highlight TUFF LION

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 To Purchase the Utterance Album on I-tunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/utterance/id271150831

For more on Tuff Lion click the links: www.facebook.com/tufflion, www.myspace.com/tufflion

Stay tuned for the “Advance the Cause” Fundraiser on: www.chipin.com/advancethecause




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