Former Queen Cassandra Dohmatob


In a recent interview going down memory lane, Beauty Queen Cassandra Dohmatob, the most elegant Miss Cameroon UK 2010 title holder, speaks out loudly but also setting the stage tight for the League Of The Ladies come next Miss Cameroon UK pageant this November.

Please follow the excerpts below including the breaking news of her victory back in 2010…and if you are 18+ bold and ambitious and will like to partake in organising the next contest then see the contact details below..

1 – How you feel after receiving your cash prize of £1,000?

What matters most was the experience however I am very grateful for receiving such a sum of money.

2 – What you have or will do with your cash prize?

As a philanthropist I believe in providing for those less fortunate than myself so therefore I’m working on providing more equipment’s such as books for children back in Cameroon who cannot afford these sort of things and I will be visiting back in December in order to donate these things in order to ensure that the children back home do have the necessary educational tools to achieve good results in school.

3 – One thing you will always remember the pageant for?

I will always remember the pageant for the opportunities it have given me especially in enabling me to help others and also bringing me much closer to my community

4 – Any word of advice for future contestants?

My advice to future contestants is really just to be yourself and enjoy the experience. Although this is a “competition” the only person you are really competing against is yourself because if you did not have what it takes to be Miss Cameroon you would not have entered. So believe in yourself and the things that you can do. And one last advice, we all know that Cameroon has beautiful women but you really have to think about what makes you stand out of the crowd…Is it your humble personality? Is it your intelligence? Is it the ability to light up the room as soon as you walk in? We want to know these things, it all counts.

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