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Man dies from Cardiac Arrest in Montserrat Nightclub

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A 26-year-old man died early this morning in a Monserrat nightclub. Forensic authorities are now investigating what caused his death, and already suspect drugs may have caused a cardiac arrest.

The man lost consciousness and died of cardiac arrest at the “Club One” nightclub, located on the ground floor of the Alsina building, on Alsina 900, in the Monserrat neighbourhood.

According to sources, the man started feeling ill after 5 am, allegedly after having a drink. The nightclub’s owners immediately called an ambulance to the place so he could be taken to hospital.

Upon their arrival, the paramedics noticed he was suffering from cardiac arrest and tried to revive him by using a defibrillator, but the man “didn’t come to and passed away,” sources explained.

Forensic authorities showed up at the scene and “seized a vial and some of his other belongings.”

The man’s body was later taken to the morgue, where forensic doctors will perform an autopsy in order to identify the cause of his death.

The nightclub’s lawyers said that authorities had found “a white powder” in his pocket, which could be either cocaine or ketamine.

(Source http://www.buenosairesherald.com/article/93899/man-dies-from-cardiac-arrest-in-montserrat-nightclub)



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