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Lights, Camera, Action

by Amanda Alexander
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Lifestyle Columnist, Amanda Alexander

Lights, camera, action! These are the three words a director bellows out on either a film, stage or TV set. As I was contemplating and prayerfully considering what to write this week, I heard in my spirit that those words have a specific function which I’d never thought about until now! 

It’s also interesting to note that there are three types of audiences the director plans to showcase his work to, the film buff, the stage fan and the TV couch potato. The  director is targeting a live and digital audience. 

You may be wondering, where on earth is Amanda going with this? Just bear with me and I’ll explain. You see when the director shouts Lights, all eyes and the light is on the principal actor. In the realm of everyday life, Jesus announced in John 8:12, “I am the light of the world”. God said we are a light to the nations in Isaiah 42:6. 

If the actor didn’t have the gift to act in that particular role, they would not have chosen.  God has a special job for you, and His light is within and upon you to complete the task. It is not dependent on how you feel, just know that everything needed for the job is already in you, extra training might be needed, but if so just do it, Hebrews 13:21 and 2 Timothy 2:15. 

Camera, yep…people’s eyes are on you! Your live stage audience are your friends and family. TV and film folk are your digital viewers, where your capabilities, gifts, talents and character will be seen by all. The camera is the window where everyone can see who you really are, and is the vehicle which showcases your gift to the world! 

Action, that’s your part and you must go for it. Don’t make excuses to procrastinate and be lazy, God considers that to be wicked, Matthew 25:26. You are special, unique and there’s no one on planet earth who can achieve what you have been called by God to do. Yes, there are similarities out there but not in the way that you can do it, we are God’s workmanship created for His good works, Ephesians 2:10, we are part of His plan and purposes, Jeremiah 29:11. 

So, stand in the light of Christ, people are the cameras that are watching your gift to help and encourage them to step forward in theirs by your actions. 

You were not created by God to hide under a bush, Matthew 5:15. When we Christians do not take our place in society, we leave the door open for all kinds of wrong, foolish, stupendous philosophies to infiltrate. I heard some very, very disturbing news recently from a reliable source on how godless and wicked influencers are advising governments, various professions and the education system. Their evil practices are not only insidious but are corrupting the hearts and minds of children and young adults, with their ludicrous, unfounded claims and theologies. If these ideologies remain unchallenged our earth will be plunged into deeper darkness and chaos. 

Folks it’s time for Lights, Camera, Action…take your place in serving God and humanity. I promise you it will be the greatest adventure of your life, I and many others around the world are living witnesses and can testify to this fact! 

So until next time, remember that you are beautiful and wonderfully made – With love Amanda x            

 Amanda Alexander is a Pastor, Teacher, TV Media Journalist

She’s the Founder of Female Dignity, Warrior Women. Amanda serves on the leadership team of New Life Church in Bishops Stortford and is ministry coordinator for Patrick’s Mission

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Amanda Alexander

Amanda Alexander

Amanda Alexander is a TV Media Journalist, Founder & Managing Director of ‘Amanda Alexander Productions’. A Christian company committed to writing and producing Christian content.

She’s also the Founder and Director of Female Dignity, an organisation dedicated to providing machinery to girls and women in developing countries to make feminine products utilising the raw materials in their town/country.

As well as being an ordained Pastor and Minister of the gospel Amanda runs her ministry ‘Warrior Women’ which empowers ladies to live and walk in the ‘Fear of the Lord’. She also serves on the leadership team of New Life Church and as a ministry coordinator for Patrick’s Mission.

A Christian for over 25 years Amanda loves people and is adventurous. To contact Amanda please visit her website www.femaledignity.co.uk [email protected] or 07494444064.


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